Your sickness isn’t a punishment.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a friend about our recent run in with health issues. We discussed how disappointed we are with ourselves that our health has gotten completely out of control.

As she was discussing her disappointment, something snapped inside of me. I view my autoimmune disease as an awakening. My body is telling me there is neglect somewhere and now is the time to listen. I also see this as something that didn’t happen over night but years of neglect.

We have all had run-ins with weight loss or health goals that we often start and stop. We are so strict and hard on ourselves in the beginning  and this is obviously not working for any of us. By striving for perfection we set ourselves up for failure.

At this point, I say F*CK THIS! I am making my health my full time job. Mental, spiritual and of course physical. I will not see a slip up as a failure but instead there is a lesson to be learned. I had to get completely fed up with where my health is to get to a point of understanding.

We all talk about “self help” and “self care” so often but how much are we actually doing for ourselves. How often do we beat ourselves up because our avocado toast isn’t Instagram worthy or we had ice cream for dinner? We need to stop punishing ourselves within our journeys, making our action meaningful. I am realizing within myself that these moments aren’t failures. Part of self care is actually treating yourself once in a while but it’s also not being upset with yourself because you had something deemed as “bad” within your day.

I want to spend my  time focusing on what I am missing and what future me can benefit from. It is about shifting my way of thinking and doing what is right in the moment,  and with purpose. The health issues I am currently facing didn’t happen overnight and neither will the evolution of who I am becoming. Lifestyle change isn’t perfect but it serves a purpose. 

Do you beat yourself up over small mistakes in your lifestyle journey? How do you overcome your personal challenges with self doubt talk?

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