I am Latanya Rene and behind the madness that is Sprinkles and Booze.

I am a blogger, social networking queen, model, jet setter, nerd on the loose.

I love entertainment and entertaining (aspiring event planner), making things prettier, and adding a personal geek chic flair to EVERYTHING.

I’m addicted to glitter, unicorns, pandas, cupcakes, fake eye lashes and bad puns.

I am a very proud contributor on AfroPunk and Black Girl Nerds.

If you would like to know more you can reach me here!


Fun “Official” Bio is below!”

Latanya Rene is a free spirited, ethereal, fashion nerd with a love for writing. Always finding exciting ways to celebrate herself and the world around her, she spreads the idea of loving one’s self in order to make the world a brilliant place. Being a lifestyle blogger, fiercely real model, dancer, and artist, Latanya has a fearless approach to the blogosphere. Enthusiastic to share beauty, laughter, and love, she spreads her ideas by written word, video, dance, design, and photography. Being rather sassy and sarcastic she has a very humorous yet lovable viewpoint of the world.

An aspiring full time event planner, she seeks out unique and rather nerdy events. She attends and helps with tons of events from concerts to weddings and loves socializing and being the life of the party. She believes there is an art to geek chic and wants to display this in a fun way for the world to enjoy.

She loves traveling, taking endless photos, and big hair. She hopes to someday have a giant greenhouse full of hot pink zebra striped roses. She is terrified of orcs, Jaws, and clowns. She is in love with glitter, horror films, and eyeliner. She believes in ghosts, is an anglophile, and an explorer. Latanya is always able to find the glitter and sparkle in daily life. She believes in chasing dreams and unicorns. She never takes life too seriously and is always creating her own reality.

My Mission:

In this lifestyle blog, you will go on a whimsical adventure that is full of vibrant colors and silly advice.  Sprinkles and Booze promotes self love, nerd pride, and a love for finding the beauty in ordinary things. 

You will read about all sort of ace events, designers, artists, and much more.

My personal goal is to make people aware that it’s okay to not ‘fit in’. I am that girl that walks around with a Betsey Johnson bag full of comic books and Elle magazines. We are complex and this is what makes us lovely and defines us.

Always be you because you are beautiful.