When you think you know but really have no idea.

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I recently had a interesting situation that sadly most people can relate to. I am a firm believer that we should treat others the way we wish to be treated, and frankly I get off from making others happy. I was just informed that someone has been “bad mouthing” me but the person wasn’t a internet troll or just some random person, it was someone I personally know.

One of my personal issues with “bad mouthers” within your social circle is, I spent years upon years building myself up. We are surrounded by bullies, negative images, negative ideas, and thoughts constantly. I work relatively hard to build a positive life for myself and to live my purpose and be happy. When negative from the outside tries to come, it’s easy to play it down. When negative from the inside hits you smack in the face it can be a little bit harder to swallow.

The saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, by words will never hurt me” isn’t exactly the way it works. Words hold power. A single word can change the way you feel about yourself when it comes from the wrong person. In this moment, you’re definitely letting the wrong one in. It is possible for those negative thoughts and ideas that weren’t even your own to stick with you. Yes, we do grow older and we do gain confidence along with experience, we learn to take things with stride. Unfortunately, sometimes the bad energy that is produced by someone else can devastate just as much as it did when we were little and being bullied. This just so happens to sting a little more when it’s someone that you personally know.

In my experience, the person within your circle of friends that are saying dreadful things about you are either having self-esteem issues or quite simply, not really your friend. If someone gives themselves the identity of a friend and obviously are not,  they are more than likely competitive, or jealous, or just bat shit crazy. This person will more than likely never want to see you succeed, better yourself, or be cheerful. This person is officially so messed up that they are incapable of wanting anything good for anyone other than his or her self. Lets face it, this person has zero self love and wants to suck you into their void of awful and doom. If you want a wholesome and meaningful and true life, stop hanging around this person.

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We all know you deserve greater than this. Don’t let the negative make you blue in the face. Something most people need to come to terms with is there is enough happiness and opportunities for ALL of us. I promise you, there is enough! A lot of people get this fear that there is a limit to joy and it has never made sense to me honestly. As much as the bad mouthing peeps want to pass judgments and convinced they figured you out, no one ever really knows what is going on in another person’s life. Which brings us to the fact that we can’t attack these people. They are obviously having their own issues and their negative is their way of getting away from their problems.

Another very important thing to remember when dealing with someone that is a said “friend”, once you get rid of them DO NOT HOLD ON TO THE FEAR. Don’t block future people that do mean well and are real friends. It’s very easy to remember how you were treated and assume that the world is out to get you. It’s not true. Life is about dealing with all sort of things, good and the bad. It is these experiences that are necessary to say that you are living to the fullest.

Embrace the idea that “you bring in what you put out”. If you are full of self worth and love, it’s impossible not to attract the same. Make your own magic! I have had this proven time and time again. I like to think of the bad seeds as a test from the glitter Gods to make sure I am still on my toes and working towards my purpose and being happy.

Everyday you have a chance to be your own superhero and it is a blessing. Put on your big girl or boy pants, learn your worth, dry your tears, and know that you’re awesome and stunning.

Be Brave and as always, stay sexy Gotham!


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3 Responses to “When you think you know but really have no idea.”

  1. MJ Valentine says:

    Great article Latanya. I too have recently been dealing with a foul-mouthed crazy person- only this person has created several fake aliases through hotmail and tried to post different comments on my blog! I’m almost 100% sure it was someone that I know, a very nasty and controlling person who’s casued me a lot of grief (all the email addresses came from a PC with the same IP address- DUH!). Why do some people feel that it’s necessary to invest more time in fostering animosity then happiness?! Ridiculous! Keep your chin up, your beats filthy and your nails glittery! MJ x

    • Thank you so much girl. I don’t understand what is going on in people’s heads when they go out of their way to be a pain in the ass. HAHA! I wish I had the time to create e-mail accounts and look like a crazy person. I am too busy living my life and actually LOVING my life. Thank you so much for reading and sharing with me.

  2. Jacqueline Farlov says:

    Thanks for sharing this great article, Latanya. True, it is a shame that sometimes people are not themselves and try hard to bad mouth others in order to make themselves look or sound better. I always keep a distance from those people if I can.

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