When TaylorSays, you listen.


Photos courtesy of TaylorSays official site

I am quite the regular on Fab.com. The other day while opening my daily Fab.com e-mail, I almost fainted due to the amount of fabulosity of the shoes that were listed. The shoes that I fell in love with were custom designed heels by TaylorSays. I am all for any article of clothing that gets you noticed and these pumps will do just that.


Taylor is from southern California and has been an artist since she was teeny tiny. She looks for any chance to make something more beautiful than it already is with her art. She has hand painted on almost everything in her path and boy, are we lucky. Her taste and style is very vibrant and eccentric. The more you learn about me the more you will know, I am nothing but vibrant and eccentric. Taylor’s style has a large variety of influences but she has definitely made her mark as an individual artist. I totally have a girl crush.


How adorable are these devil heels? It’s impossible not to be a bad girl with shoes like this. IMPOSSIBLE! The bright red shade of Devilicious make the shoes pop and are a definite show stopper. While wearing these shoes I would imagine that you wouldn’t have to actually speak a single word to show how bad ass you really are. If you’re going to be edgy, do it properly…and get these shoes.

royal_hearts_teal_legs sprinklesandbooze

Then we have these beauties! I bring you, Royal Hearts. I’ve always had a thing for Alice in Wonderland inspired everything. These shoes SCREAM wonderland adventure. I sort of have an obsession with turquoise and hearts, which basically means I am in love with this flirty footwear.


I can not get enough of all of these colors. The style is street graffiti meets pop art with a lot of Taylor’s personal style. She has worked with several companies within the action sports community such as Quicksilver and SkullCandy just to name a couple. Being that she dealt with a lot of sports, it’s completely refreshing and exciting to see how brilliant she pulls off these sexy heels.


TaylorSays makes it necessary to kick your heels up, literally! The vibrant colors invite you to celebrate being different and fun. Both, her Debut collection and Spring 2013 collection were designed for the lady that is the life of the party. I mean, you would have to be “stand out in the crowd” type to own a pair. Sadly, I missed the massive sale on Fab.com of these custom pieces of art but I do plan on landing my first pair in the near future. Definitely take the time to go look at her website and fall in love.


Stay sexy, Gotham!


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8 Responses to “When TaylorSays, you listen.”

  1. Luna says:

    This is amazing. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about the soles of heels as the PERFECT place to put some killer art.

  2. MJ Valentine says:

    Oh my GOD!!!!! Eeeeee! I am SO GLAD I came accross your blog- thank God for Instagram! Haha. I’m also a newbie to the blog-o-sphere, but I’m loving every minute of it… I just love your site, and props to you for finding this totally amazing designer… TaylorSays = new shoe obsession. Thanks for sharing!! MJ x

    • Aw! Thank you! I am fairly new as well. I started being a serious blogger in November 2012 but I work at it daily so thank you for the kind words.

      Taylor’s shoes are sassy. I love everything about them and she is a really sweet person.

  3. Caroline says:


  4. Maria Niinikuru says:

    They are amazing..star collecting these affordable pieces of art right now…first ones are the “pony” leopard, lipstick ones!!

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