What you should be drinkin’… Unicorn in Seattle, WA.


Hey people who drink shitty beer, why do you do that? Is it the fact that you’re going to a new bar? Are you afraid of cocktails or new different ales? Are you looking for someone to review the drinks before you even hit up the bar? Well, I am here to save the day!

While visiting in Seattle for the weekend, I had the complete honor of visiting Unicorn. Unicorn opened about 3 year ago and thank goodness it did! It was recommended to me by a few people to check out while I was in Seattle. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t check out a bar called Unicorn and that is considered a staple of the nightlife scene of Seattle.

It seems like all of the recommendations and my gut feeling about Unicorn were all accurate. Upon research it seems like the Unicorn was once The Oakland Car Company but thank Unicorn Jesus it transformed to the wonderfulness that is is. The feeling of the bar is very vintage and unique. To me, I would describe the feeling as if there was a female version of Pee-wee Herman that wanted to design her dream bar, and play really dope music, and serve amazing drinks.


I had just left dinner (Cyber-dogs) before arriving to Unicorn but, Unicorn did have a gourmet menu that was inspired by classic carnival food and deep-fried greatness. I wish I could have tried something but I had to save room for the drink menu which ranged from fancy cocktails, Jello shots, and super fruity (and boozy) drinks. From glancing at the bar, it seems as if they had a wide selection of beers and ales also. I was also informed that you were given cotton candy while you drank. Sadly, we didn’t see anyone eating cotton candy nor did we ask. We should have just asked.


Here is a list of the drinks I had while at this magical place within Seattle:

My Little Pony. The drink consists of muddled orange, Stoli Gala Apple, Stoli Peach, triple sec, grenadine, OJ, Sprite, and sweet ‘n’ sour. It was my first drink of the night and so so yummy. It was everything in which I would imagine a pony with rainbow colored hair with a magical ass stamp to taste exactly like this drink.

Unicorn Tears. This shot consists of Bubblegum Vodka and Chocolate Vodka which is dropped in Cherry Energy Drink. It was intense. Imagine drinking an entire circus. This is exactly what this shot tastes like but, in the best way possible.

Unicorn Jizz. Aside from having the best name ever, the drink consists of Three Olives Mango Vodka, triple sec, OJ,
sweet ‘n’ sour, grenadine, and Sprite. I suppose the name fits it well? I had a taste of this drink and it was one of those drinks where you can taste everything in it. It was definitely a perfect blend.

Hellicorn. The insides of this magical drink is Fireball Whisky, ginger ale, muddled limes, and Angostura bitters. It seriously taste exactly like those fireball candies. I haven’t had one in years and it was perfect. I made Jaymz taste a little of it. Mind you, she doesn’t typically drink and I though it was sweet enough to hide the alcohol taste. Her review was “This was the worst thing to ever happen to me. Why does a drink like this exist?” In my opinion…it was fantastic.


For entertainment there was a live DJ, a claw machine with a bunch of awesomeness inside, and pinball machines. With the way the bar is set up, you would have tons to look at and I am sure will make great friends with the Seattle locals.

From the beautiful chandeliers, pink almost everything, and zebra prink I am completely in love with Unicorn. I wish I was going to be in Seattle towards the end of March for my birthday. I will just have to celebrate on the east coast sans Unicorn. Unicorn is definitely unique and memorable. It’s definitely worth a night (or several out). Check them out and fall in love.

Missing Unicorn,
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  1. xandra says:

    Confirmation that I need to move to Seattle…

  2. Nichy says:

    The Unicorn is one of my favorite places in Seattle. Happy to hear visitors to that wonderful city are actually being lead to the true gems 🙂

  3. thanks for coming to Unicorn! I love the review! xo

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