What a start to a year.


We have completed our first month of 2013 and honestly, it feels like it should already be March. So much has happened in the past 31 days.

In between the bitter cold days and windstorms, I went to some amazing workshops and lectures. These motivational talks happened earlier in the month which set the mood for the rest of the month in a positive way. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t major challenges.

Like a lot of people, I battle from time to time with “how hard am I working towards the things I want within my life”. In your heart, you know how hard you’re working towards something and what else you should be doing to get to where you wish to be. I personally feel super unorganized and that I should be doing more to create my fairytale.


With February starting tomorrow, I want to inform you that if you had an off or not so ideal start to your year in January, it is never too late to start towards your fairytale. If you REALLY are one for start dates, start your new year on the Chinese New Year which is February 10th. Things are about to get fancy, sparkly, and fantastic. Embrace it and love it! It’s time to make it work.

Happy new you,
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