We’ve made it to Christmas Eve!


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Happy Christmas Eve lovies!

We have survived another ‘apocalypse’ and have been rewarded with the gift of Christmas! We all know what Christmas brings. Lots of food comas, nursing holiday hangovers, awkward family events, and terrible gift ideas.

Now that we know the magic of Christmas and how to handle it , what happens next? After a fantastic conversation with my friend Joe, he suggested one of the most brilliant ideas i’ve ever heard and might actually become a holiday tradition for me for years to come.

Now, gift giving is an art form but not everyone is an artist. Most folks run to the shops after the holidays and try to return said ‘awful’ gifts for exchanges and store credits. This process is just as bad (if not worse) than the actual holiday shopping madness. What would be the best way to go about not keeping that awful smelling perfume but share the love that the person that gave it to you attended behind the gift? This is where the Jesus Birthday After Party comes in to play.

What better (and more fun) way to get rid of all of the unwanted items than having a party right after Christmas where your friends can come over, bad re-wrapped gifts and all, drink, dance, and of course be merry! Everyone would be required to bring a small gift that they received that they will never actually use, want, or need. Granted, your friends probably would feel the same way about the item you didn’t want but it gives the gift a different and more fun meaning. Everyone will grab bag gift trade at this party which will be exciting and probably pretty hilarious.

It’s Christmas Eve, take 5 minutes to practice your “man this gift is shitty but I’m going to fake enthusiasm” face but keep in your heart Jesus Birthday After Party. It will make that enthusiasm much more realistic. It’s always the thought that counts but sometimes that thought needs a better brainstorming session (or two).

Wishing all of you the very best Christmas ever,

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