“We’ve got all the shine we need to find”


I have always been known as a ‘curvy’ girl. I developed my curves at a very young age (around like 11 or 12) and back then I hated them. I didn’t want to grow up. I wanted to play with Barbies forever and always be a kid. The idea of ‘becoming a woman’ was never exciting for me.

Once I realized that I couldn’t stop science and I could no longer go without wearing a bra, I accepted my body for what it was until about High School where my weight went up and down. I was surrounded by girls struggling to stay as thin as possible and I myself never had that body type. In my early 20s, I think I lost myself almost completely. I wasn’t fully happy with my appearance. I had negative voices coming from all angles in my life. Literally. Family members, guys I have dated, so called friends, it was all around me.

I personally didn’t come out of the fog until about 3 year ago. I have always loved fashion and the world of modeling. Like I mentioned yesterday, I have always been one to love being photographed. I never thought I would have a shot at possibly living my dream as a model since I love food and will never weigh 10 pounds. After being approached at the mall by a woman asking me if I modeled three years ago, I went on a journey for finding fiercely real girls like myself in fashion. In this journey, I discovered Gabi Fresh.

Photo from Gabi Fresh 

Gabi blogged about being full figure, loving fashion and loving who she is. It was the first time I saw someone be so open and candid about their life and struggles. It was lovely and cleared up my fog. Since I discovered this wonderful woman, I have been overwhelmed with inspiration. She knows how to market herself and the idea of loving yourself. To top it all off, her style is on point!

Finding Gabi by the powers of the internet has triggered a bunch of other great things within my life. The past couple years I have developed a confidence I have never had in my life. That might come as a shock to a lot of people that know me personally because even though I know I am the bomb.com I still have moments of self doubt. One of my major life goals is complete self love and to help others realize that we all have this amazing shine within us. Media, negative words and energy prevents us from knowing how radiant and brilliant we all are.

I decided to share some of this with you guys today because today I am starting a 14 day cleanse (Colorado Cleanse). It’s sort of a chance to give my liver a break of all of the holiday drinking and also reconnect with the universe on a spiritual and physical level. If what I said was just too hippy for you, it’s a chance to not be a total asshole to my body for a little bit in hopes that some of the healthy habits stick in the long run.

In order to properly begin a cleanse, you mentally need to be ready to do so. You need to begin the journey with a positive self image and why you’ve decided to move forward in the process. I like to start out by thinking about all of the things my body CAN do. I never go into a cleanse thinking about what my body isn’t but more about the positive that IS my body. I typically go about doing this by making a list of all of the positive things about myself. I make sure not to include physical traits in this list because it’s about the good within myself. Remember kids if you’re beautiful on the inside, you’re beautiful on the outside. Beauty is always a state of mind and not a state of body.

Another way to prep for everything in life is developing a positive circle of friends. I have said it before and probably never will stop saying it. I can not stress how much this has changed my life. I continue to develop stronger and more positive people in my life because like attracts like. Having a kick ass team of positive people is such a major and quick way to get to your mindset in gear to dominate the world.

If you’re going to do a cleanse of any sort, you definitely need to hit the off button to any negative voices within your head. Mute (and completely get rid of) the voices that are telling you that you’re a bad person or you’re not good enough. These ideas more than likely were put there by other influences and are not genuine. Become more critical about the messages you’re getting all around you. Whether it be something someone said to you or within media. That positive shine is within us, we just need to not taint it with others bullshit.

One final cleansing tip that I can give is occupy yourself. Stop worrying about the fact that you’re cleansing and what you’re missing out on because in reality you’re gaining. You’re doing something amazing for yourself and in the long run this will pay off way more than that donut you’re not having. Occupy your time with the projects you’ve been putting off or developing a new hobby. If you’re distracted by something positive, you will benefit more from the cleanse and it is serving it’s purpose.

Don’t fear the cleansing, be one with the cleansing. How do you feel about cleanses?

Eating a apple and excited about it,

Latanya Rene

P.S. Happy December! Being that some believe the end is near, I have made a playlist for us to all dance to until we can point and laugh in those people’s faces! Enjoy!

Welcome to the end of the world 2012 from latanyarene.barrett on 8tracks Radio.

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    love love love this!….and there is nothing wrong with being a little hippy-ish. ha!

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