Top 5 reasons why everyone should be in love with Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Batman Rocky Sprinkles and Booze

Have you ever tried to explain  The Rocky Horror Picture Show to someone that hasn’t seen it? If you haven’t, it’s probably one of the hardest things you could ever do in your life. It’s like trying to explain what an orgasm feels like to someone that has never had one. It’s pretty difficult.

If you’ve been living under a rock, here is my super brief description of Rocky Horror. The Rocky Horror Picture Show originally was a British musical which then had a film adaptation. As the story goes, newly-engaged couple (Janet and Brad) stumble upon a castle after they get a flat tire trying to get home. The castle is home to Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania. The doctor is having a gathering of sorts to unveil his newest Frankenstein style “Monster”, Rocky. Needless to say, shit gets crazy!

Since the late 70s’, the film has been a cult classic! Years after the film was released in the states as a midnight movie staple, Rocky Horror Picture Show now holds the title of the longest running theatrical release in film history. Which is exactly why you should be ashamed of yourself if you’ve never seen it. The film has a hint of everything for everyone. It’s a comedy, B-Film, with a splash of tranny. It’s the most perfect blend of insanity.

In case you’re one of the few folks out there that has never taken part in the wonder of Rocky Horror Picture show, you might be wondering…”Why SHOULD I love Rocky Horror? It sounds like a glitter filled hot mess!” No need to fear, I am here to give you the top 5 reasons why you should put on your best fishnets and heels and see Rocky Horror Picture Show!

5. The mother fuckin’ Time Warp.

RHPSTime Warp Sprinkles and Booze

Years before the electric slide was even a thing, there was the Time Warp. I bet that the  10% of the universe that has never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show recognize the dance and song. It’s basically very similar to most line dances but there is a lot more thrusting involved. I have kindly typed out the instructions on how to pull off the perfect Time Warp. Don’t be afraid to bust out your sweet moves at your next social function. Get people to join in with you. It will be a riot!

Instructions for The Time Warp Dance:

1. (It’s just a) JUMP TO THE LEFT
2. (And then a) STEP TO THE RIGHT
3. (With your hands on your hips) YOU BRING YOUR KNEES IN TIGHT
4. (But it’s the) PELVIC THRUST (that really drives you insa-aaa-ne)

4. Timeless jams!

Soundtrack Rocky Sprinkles and Booze

I believe humans are divided into two groups: those who loved Rocky Horror and those who hated it. It’s a lot of film and concepts to take in at once. I can completely understand how some squares would find the movie hard to swallow. BUT even those silly people would have a hard time denying that the movie is full of AMAZING jams. The songs are all extraordinarily fun, super addictive and in most if not ALL cases, really, really , really good. If you’re new to Rocky Horror, your ears are in for a treat. Let your ear units fall in love with timeless great music. I promise you will at least tap your foot along to the tunes if anything.

3. Have a young Meat Loaf.

meatloaf-hot-patootie-Sprinkles and Booze

Enjoy some extremely young Meat Loaf. He is packed full of energy and ready to sing some good ol’ rock n roll! You have to enjoy him while you can because he might not survive the insane roller coaster of an evening. You’ve been warned!

2. The adoring fans!

Rocky Fans Sprinkles and Booze

Without the HUGE following, Rocky Horror would have not have made cinema history. The film has taken in almost $140 million at the US box office and almost $60 million dollars in rentals! The original budget for the film was $1.2 million dollars. It has done pretty well for itself with the thanks to all of the millions of fans that gather together on a regular to continue to support the film.  The fans started with simple callbacks which turned into an elaborate and interactive viewing experience.

I’ve searched the internet and found a list of all the callbacks for the Rocky Horror virgins of the world. Take this list, find a local showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show and keep the dream alive. Don’t dream it, be it!

Prop List

Rice: During the wedding at the beginning of the film, you should throw rice along with the on-screen guests.

Water Guns: When Brad and Janet are caught in the storm, use your water guns to simulate rain in the theater.

Newspapers: When Janet covers her head with a newspaper, you should do the same.

Candles/Flashlights/Cell Phones: During the ‘There’s a light’ verse of “Over at the Frankenstein Place,” turn on your candles, flashlights and/or cell phones.

Rubber Gloves: Every time Frank or Magenta snaps the gloves on or off, snap your gloves.

Noisemakers: Take our your noisemakers when the Transylvanians celebrate at the end of the creation speech.

Confetti: Throw confetti at the screen as Rocky and Frank head toward the bedroom.

Toilet Paper: Throw toilet paper rolls in the air when Dr. Scott enters the lab, and Brad cries out, “Great Scott!”

Toast: When Frank proposes a toast at dinner, throw toast in the air.

Party Hat: Put on your party hat when Frank puts his on.

Bell: Ring your bell when Frank says ‘Did you hear a bell ring?’ during the song “Planet, Schmanet, Janet.”

Deck of Cards: Let lose your deck of cards in the air when Frank sings ‘Cards for sorrow, cards for pain’ during the song “I’m Going Home.”

**You may want to call the theater ahead of time to find out what their policies are with respect to prop use.**

**Also the callbacks are different in every theater and change over time. So there is no official script.**


Frank Smoking Rocky Horry

I might need to write a blog post at some point on how perfect Tim Curry is but just know this…HE’S PERFECT. He is not only an amazing singer and dancer but he can pull of a bustier better than most women. I find it extremely hard to believe that there was a time when Tim wasn’t proud of being Dr. Frank-N-Furter but I am super happy that he owns up to it now. He made the character, movie, and my life.

With his giant sized Cheshire cat smile and his devious eyes, Curry took the role by the horns and dominated it. He has a way of making your feel terrified, silly, and possibly horny all at the same time. He is the world’s perfect blend of British glam rock with matter of fact witty charm. He pulled of manly while wearing heavy makeup and it’s extremely wonderful. LONG LIVE THE CURRY QUEEN!

Going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show is not just going to a movie; it’s a social event. If you’re able to find a movie screening with a live floor show, even better! You’ll either love it or you will hate it. Either way, you will remember it. I will be attending The Rocky Horror Experience on October 25 at Downtown Cabaret Theatre in Bridgeport, Connecticut. If you’re local to the area…join us! It’s a one night event you don’t want to miss.

As always…Stay sexy Gotham!

I want to leave you with an amazing performance by my good friend Lily la Vamp. Here is her burlesque tribute to Rocky Horror Picture Show! If you work somewhere lame then it’s NSFW. Prepare for the awesome…ENJOY!

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15 Responses to “Top 5 reasons why everyone should be in love with Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

  1. I will admit that I’ve never seen it…and I even skipped the gLee episode covering it. It never seemed up my alley (and the thing with cult classics is that if you’re not in the cult you tend to shy way it all!) but this post makes me reconsider checking it out- seems seasonally appropriate!

  2. Tianna says:

    I’ve tried for sooooo long to love this movie. I watched it in high school. Tried it in college. I’ve watched it as a full grown adult. I know the Time Warp and respect it but….I don’t get why people love it. I don’t get anything about it. The whole movie feels awkward and slow. I WANT to get it! I’m made for cult movies! I’d give anything to understand it and I’m ALWAYS convinced by things that you write about. Alas… I think I’m going to give up on understanding this movie.

    • I love that you kept trying! HAHA! Yeah, it’s not for everyone. It’s a lot to take in but once you embrace it, it’s hard to let it go. I adore everything about this film. Have you ever tried going to a live event?

  3. Jenny says:

    number 1, I want Chelle to come see this!!! Number two, I will be there with toast and bells on!! LOL number three…. I Love this.. love love love!!

  4. OMG. I need to go. I emailed it around the office and 2 girls are already in with me! 🙂

  5. Of course, you MUST see a midnight show, even if an earlier one is available. That’s required! One of my friends played Frank-n-furter in an Austin, TX version for a couple of years. He pulled off the bustier well, but not as well as Tim Curry.

  6. Kristin says:

    I love rocky horror!! Surprisingly my very conservative dad saw the original cast in London. He loved it so much he used to drive a young 14-16 year old me and my friends every Saturday to go see it, luckily though he didn’t stay haha. Sadly the theater that it was in was just a few short years away from being historical and it got torn down to make room for a now closed walgreens because there needed to be a walgreens directly across the street from a cvs. No I’m bitter at all.

  7. I looooove RHPS. Used to be a regular back in the day at the Heights here in MN. 🙂

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