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A few weeks ago, I was conversing with my friend Michelle. I asked her to honestly describe who I am as a person. After a few minutes of talking, Michelle mentioned that she found me to be a “real alternative hipster”. She said I am offbeat but positive. Typically, people would hear “hipster” and be like, “NO! Not me!” but I loved it. I became curious to know why people took offense to being called a hipster.

I find it pretty funny that if there  is anything a hipster hates more, is actually being identified as a hipster. I cannot tell you how many times I have had someone who was wearing a indie band tshirt and riding a fixed gear bike tell me, “Dude, I hate hipsters”. Fear and self-loathing in Williamsburg anyone? I understand the resistance though.

Hipster-hood was started as an ironic subculture but somewhere down the line morphed into the only culture forcing people from all walks of life to huddle under the same cultural umbrella. Today you can put two people together with two completely different styles and interests and still label them both a hipster. Sadly the term “hipster’ is losing it’s luster. In fact, not being a hipster is now the most sub-culture-y thing to do.

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Because hipster has been used to describe so many types of people, I accept  “Alternative Hipster” with arms wide open. I am completely content with wearing cute clothing and searching for interesting new music. The definition of a hipster has been so watered-down that we are all some form of a hipster. It has become a blanket term for our generation, and I like how Michelle broke it down. I asked her to define what a “Alternative Hipster” really is. Here are some of the magical traits:

The Alternative Hipster

Always marching to your own drummer even if it was at the cost of being ostracized during high school.

Can have a legit conversation about Marvel/DC and super obscure comic books.

Has learned to not judge folks unless they are truly assholes.

Dropping/Recommending strictly obscure people not to show off but to share AND not being an asshole about it.

Enjoying most if not ALL Apple (Mac) products.

Having a very specific taste in food.

Talking about and lusting over Europe at least once a week.

Enjoying the quality/sound of vinyl since you were born.

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Practically anyone can fall under the category of hipster. I think it’s time for most of us to quit fighting it. The term “if you smelt it you dealt it”  can apply to being called a hipster. When you fight it and/or call others hipsters, it just makes you look more like a hipster. The term has sort of morphed to a point in which we need categories and stages. There are worse things you could be called. “Oh no, someone thinks I’m interesting, hip, kinda nerdy and attractive! Please stop with the name calling!” Embrace it, bitches!

I take pride in being an alternative hipster. Hipsters can be complicated, brilliant, eco-friendly, and all around interesting characters. I embrace everything that I enjoy and have no shame in my game.

I just realized that this is my second post I have written about hipsters. So much hipster love! What flavor of hipster do you think you are?

Stay sexy Gotham!

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4 Responses to “The Alternative Hipster.”

  1. Xandra ★ says:

    Nerd, Geek, Hipster… whatever you call us, it’s a compliment 🙂

    Also. What a beautiful keyboard!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Ha! I’m still dumbfounded you made that conversation into a post! awesomeness – as i let my geek flag fly!

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