Thanks but no thanks.

Hey there beautiful space creatures!

It’s a new year and 2017 in a lot of ways felt like the hangover of 2016. I think universally, we all feel that 2018 should be a superb year. A new year calls for fresh starts and getting rid of what no longer serves. As hard as this can be, this also includes people.

I recently had an overwhelming response to getting back into blogging. The majority of the people that have reached out to me have been positive. But as it goes, with the good sometimes comes the bad. I have received the occasional unsolicited advice or comment here and there. In the past, I would just rolled my eyes and took the advice or combat it with some witty words. But why should I? Why have I been wasting valuable energy on battles that wouldn’t be worth it in the long run? It’s 2018 and the time is now to stop the bullshit!

I am done with people that undermine or question my reality only to make me doubt myself. With those “friends” that often show their insecurities by telling you what you need to change or should be doing. These same people tend to find faults in your life and remember details of what you have going on to use against you in the future. All of this while saying “I am saying this as a friend” or “Not to be a bitch but…”.

I am over empty suggestions that I never asked for. Don’t get me wrong, some people make suggestions that are brilliant. I am always extremely grateful for some random good advice. But there is always that person,that has something to say about your ever move. That person that feels that everything that comes out of their mouth has a warning label. If you feel like everything you say comes with a disclaimer, more than likely you’re an asshole. It’s cool boo, just own it and realize that not all people can handle your “sass”. To these people, we can politely say “go fuck yourself!”

Someday we will grow old and reflect on our lives and we aren’t going to think fondly about those that doubted us. We aren’t going to think back to “Man, it was really great when that person told me how fat they thought I was.” or “WOW! I should have listened to that person’s suggestions on how I should be presenting myself”. Give no fucks right now and mean it.

Namaste bitches! Let’s make 2018 the year of YOU!

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