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Witchcraft and extended work breaks.

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013


Last week I made an announcement that I took a mini vacation from blogging. The reality of it was, I needed a longer break than I thought. I recently was offered a gig running the social media for a entertainment and party company. It is to work hand in hand with my event planning, internet personality, and blogger lifestyle. It is proven to be possible BUT still a lot of work. Because of this, I needed sort and organize my life which took a little longer than expected. I am officially back and ready to share celebration, love, and geeky greatness with you guys.

To kick off the series of blogging/internet madness that is about to unfold before your eyes, I want to share some magic with you all. I think we all should embrace our inner magic. I’ve been anointing mojo bags, burning candles, and pulling oracle cards.

We all have some form witchy magic we take part in. Whether it is meditation or having a good luck charm, there is something we do to get that extra boost of magic. We all want that extra help to make life easier and wonderful. I think my need of magic comes from my Native American roots. I love the idea of using nature and the magic within to bring abundance into my life. I’m a modern day native witch and proud.

My good friend made a Mojo bag for me recently and it’s my new favorite thing. A mojo bag is basically a prayer bag that is filled with herbs, roots, some personal items. You must feed your bag with oils, waters and sometimes even whiskey! Yes, your bag can ALSO be a lush. Your bag is alive and full of spirit and energy. Mojo bags can be one of the most powerful pieces of magic you can own. They are not to be seen by others, touched by others or wet. You are to keep this object as your personal piece of magic as a modern day witch. Sexy, right?!


Above all, I have been focused on putting more positive into the universe to receive positive back. Modern magic comes from within. Think of all of the wonderful magic you want within your life and give that to the universe. It will most definitely come back to you. We all contain the courage, guidance, and power that we need and the tools we use are an added bonus. Never be ashamed of who you are and your beliefs. Be bold, share love, and share magic. And as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!