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Ain’t no party like a Grandma Ethyl Party.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


Being a 90’s child, shows from that decade are near and dear to my heart. One of my all time favorites from the early 90’s was the hit, Dinosaurs. If you ever watched Dinosaurs, you will remember brilliant catchphrases such as “Not the Mama!” or “I’m the baby, gotta love me!”. All frequently used, wonderful, and nostalgic…right?!

Lately, I’ve been watching the series on Netflix before bed. A character you may vaguely remember is the snide, elderly greatness that is Grandma Ethyl. Ethyl by far was my favorite character of the entire show!

Grandma Ethyl was the grumpy yet adorable mother of Fran Sinclair on Dinosaurs. This wheelchair-bound diva is everything I hope to be when I am a senior citizen. Forever dressed in a fascinator and witty one liners, I definitely would want to party with Grandma Ethyl. She is the inspiration behind this Bingo Lady Party style board I have created. Even though this series had one of the world’s most depressing series finales, I hope you enjoy this style board. You better because you gotta love it! Honestly, how can you go wrong with Strawberry Cheesecake truffles and doilies?!


Bingo Ethyl Style

Stay sexy Gotham!

No wire hangers, ever!

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

mommie-dearest Sprinkles and Booze

It’s that magical time of year, where we are getting glimpses of Spring. Mother nature can be rather testy this time of year. What better mother to depict Spring than Mommie Dearest.

Before you think I am some dark and twisted person, let me explain myself. Joan Crawford, one of Hollywood’s greatest stars, was defined as a sadistic control freak in the film Mommie Dearest. The first time I saw Mommie Dearest, I was at a youth group sleepover during Halloween. I was very confused as to why someone that fabulous would be so horrible to her children. It was terrifying and puzzling (and still is). Mommie Dearest, like the Spring, can be beautiful and nurturing one moment, and a complete bitch of a storm the next.

To say Faye Dunaway’s performance as Joan Crawford is over-the-top is an understatement. To match the great performance, I went completely over-the-top with this style board. I was itching to have a floral/gold girly party. Don’t be surprised if I do a styled shoot inspired by this board. I am kind of in love with it. I thought it would be ideal to recreate Christina Crawford‘s birthday party scene but give it a modern twist.

My style board includes everything for the perfect Mommie Dearest spring party. From an eyebrow brush for the perfect eyebrows to colorful macaroons. The board also features a beautiful sequin hanger from Pearls and Pastries and confetti from The Confetti Bar. Check, check it!


Mommie Dearest Party + Fashion


What do you guys think? Are you feeling the insane amount of pink patterns with hints of gold? What celebrity kids do you think will be writing tell-all books in 20 years?

Stay sexy Gotham!

Style of a Gordon-Levitt.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

I LOVE dressing men. I adore when guys contact me and ask me to assist them with what to wear or to invite me to shop for and with them. It’s always so much easier for me to dress a male than female. I think this is due to a guy trusting the opinion of a woman and what looks good.

My friend Aaron recently started a new blogging journey and has been asking a lot about style and overall coolness. While speaking to him this afternoon I asked whose style he admired. He mentioned the oh so wonderful Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Like a true lover of style and fashion I figured I would make a style board. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share it with you guys so here is my Gordon-Levitt inspired style board.

levitt copy

Click here to find out which shops carry all of this fabulous.

xo, a go go bye!
Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 6.05.55 PM

Rosemary, Heaven restores you in life…

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Oil painting by Jonathan LeVine

Painting by Jonathan LeVine

So, I am not entirely normal. I am not sure if you guys were aware of this or not but I am completely not normal. I accept this so I hope you do as well. Here is a perfect example of my crazy, since i’ve been 3 years old my favorite film has been Rosemary’s Baby. Seriously. Everything about it in my eyes is perfect and I thought this from a very, very young age.

Being completely in love with this film, I thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to speak about my love for the film and why you should view it if you’ve never seen it. If the child of Satan doesn’t get you in the mood, I am not sure what will.

As an adult I started to break down exactly what I love about Rosemary’s Baby. I mean I truly adore everything about this film. From the opening credits and theme song sang by the adorable Mia Farrow, to the beautiful cinematography, and shocking ending. I quickly realized, it’s my favorite type of horror. Suspenseful and eerie without any gore at all.

I am not sure if this is true for the rest of the world, but in my opinion this movie is one of the most influential films when it comes to style. From Mia’s Vidal Sassoon pixie haircut, those amazing Peter Pan Collars, baby-doll dresses and adorable flats I fall more and more in love with this movie every time I see it. The outfits definitely help develop the character that is Rosemary while sticking to the trend of 1968. Rosemary is supposed have this innocence that is childlike and somewhat angelic that can easily be corrupted. Well done stylist, well done!


Art by Stefan Obusan

The film contains on the the most perfect house renovations scenes I have ever seen in a movie. When Rosemary and her husband buy an apartment in the fictionalized upper west side Dakota building, I swoon every time I watch. The apartment is bright and cheerful and had a charming mix of uptown traditional and feminine 1960s mod. It would be an absolute DREAM if I could live in the Dakota. I fantasize about that building often and sometimes make it a point to walk past it if I am in the upper west side.

Rosemary’s Baby is a horror film, but I think it is definitely among the tamer films if you’re a bit of an easy scare. It’s more suspenseful than “I’m going to come kill you in the night.” The tension builds and keeps your attention in the best way possible. The plot is one that definitely makes me think. It involves a young couple who are obviously madly in love. It reminds you that love can sometimes become tainted by evil and greed. It always sad when love loses a battle to evil but in the case of this plot and film, at least it was beautifully done.

Currently, Rosemary’s Baby is instantly viewable on Netflix. Snuggle up with someone special and watch it to make it a very not so typical Valentine’s Day. Spawn of Satan is not required.

Happy Birthday Cupid Jesus!
Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 6.05.55 PM

I just wanna have your style up in my life…

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Photo by Aimee Han

I am a true nerd and I remember most things that happen in my life to the date. The first song I heard in 2012 was Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” featuring KimbraThis song was basically everyone’s jam for months and hit so extremely close to home for most of us. A huge part of why I love this song is because, I completely fell in amour with the crazy insane awesome pipes of KimbraShe transformed the song from completely emo to completely independent. This transition plays a huge part in what makes this song so powerful.

Instantly, I began to do a million searches on who this stunning girl was. Upon my research, I discovered the video for her single “Settle Down”. I felt that this New Zealand songbird was speaking directly to me. Not only from the power in her voice but her lyrics were dead on. I don’t know a girl in the world that hasn’t felt exactly the way Kimbra felt when she wrote these lyrics.  On top of being blown away by the music, I instantly fell in love with the styling and wardrobe in this video.


Once Kimbra’s album hit the states, her fashion sense quickly became as notable as her amazing talent. Give me a girly dress with loads of volume any day of the week! Everything this girl puts on is ACE! So much lace, and mirrors, and sequins. I can die in her closet a very happy girl.  It’s a serious gift to make a statement without being half naked in today’s pop culture.

 Photo by  Thom Kerr

Kimbra has managed to do something I have been trying to do for years. She has turned herself into a modern day princess. She manages to stick to her style whether its in a photoshoot, at a concert, or just walking about. Most of her looks are very graphic and can often include a tutu-esque skirt. I enjoy anything that has a passive amount of tulle and lots and lots of colors.

 Photo by Shaun Hartas

One would think “I would never have the budget to dress this fantastic!” but realistically, Kimbra has been known to rock a $20 vintage thrift find on more than one occasion. She is also a huge supporter of her local fashion designers such as Jaime Lee . I love a modest girl with kick-ass style!

 I leave you with some photos from the Kimbra Facebook Page  from some her live performances. The girl is not only a ball of walking talent but stylish as all hell! I’ve been reading reviews of her live performances all morning, and from the sounds of it she turns her concerts into giant dance parties. I would imagine it’s easier to bust a move in her fun party dresses instead of  tight, restrictive traditional ‘pop’ attire.  If you aren’t into her music (which I don’t know how you wouldn’t be), at least love her for her fierce, princess, superhero threads.

Are you in love with super girly dresses as much as I am? Do you constantly dream of being a superhero princess unicorn person like I do? If you answered yes to these questions, when do you want to go shopping?

Over and out,

Latanya Rene