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Bazaar Bizarre Bazaar! Elm City Charmer’s Market presents FLEATIQUE.

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Elm City Sprinkles and Booze

I am all for unique experiences, unique people, and unique items. The best way to get all of that unique under one roof during the holidays is by attending bazaars, fairs, and festivals. I can’t get enough of them every year! It’s a great way to find cool and one of a kind gifts for your loved ones and socialize with small business owners.

I adore the feeling of supporting independent labels and business owners. I tend to go to a few different events every year and this year I thought I would showcase some of my favorites. I had the honor of attending FLEATIQUE in November to kick off the shopping season. Presented by Elm City Charmer’s Market, FLEATIQUE is a pop up shop in New Haven, Connecticut. FLEATIQUE was designed for indie designers and stylists to curate their pieces and style to the masses. The market is growing bigger and more fabulous as they mature and expand.

Pop up shops have grown in urban cities over the years from Tokyo to NYC, they are getting bigger and greater. Us shopaholics love them because it’s  temporary shopping therapy with a edgy, fresh twist. Almost every consumer product has been sold via a pop up shop at some point so why not be the first to be a part of the next best thing? FLEATIQUE definitely did not disappoint as a new and upcoming pop up shop within New Haven. It had the perfect blend of creativity while being engaging. Maybe it was the kick ass DJ or the number of sharply dressed fashionistas either way,  I found FLEATIQUE to be ideal.  I look forward to the next one for sure.

FLEATIQUE allowed me to connect with the vendors on a personal level and build a strong relationship with their brand. We can all spend hours on Etsy and while there is nothing wrong with this, there is something magical about making that connection with a brand offline. FLEATIQUE provided every opportunity to make a real connection with local and inspiring designers. This setting allows a chance for the business owners to enter a new market in which they  want to make that connection with you. Having a dope setting to do so in is key. FLEATIQUE provided that awesome setting.

One of the vendors at FLEATIQUE that enjoyed was Audacious 1987. Audacious 1987 is a line of accessories that are bold, daring and completely original. Audacious 1987 takes items from everyday life, add a splash of color and instantly adds a fresh new classy feel to your wardrobe. All of the pieces are handmade and one of a kind. The brand encourages custom orders which is ace. I love a designer that leaves the floor open to a challenge. You can check out the line here.

Audacious 1987 Sprinkles and Booze

I also was introduced to Breakups to Makeup and I couldn’t have been happier about this introduction. The line was created by professional makeup artist Angelique Velez and includes stickers, tanks, hats and makeup bags. Imprinted on many of the items within her brand are cheeky phrases like “I would cry but my mascara is designer.” Angelique is my kind of girl, beautiful, full of sass and inspirational. You can check out more of her line here.

Breakups to Makeup Sprinkles and Booze

Tell me about some of your favorite holiday fairs, festivals and bazaars. What are some of your favorite things about them? As always…

Stay sexy Gotham!