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Be guilty enough to change.

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Get fed up with yourself Sprinkles and Booze

Why hello there!

This post is going to be a heart to heart on a personal level. I believe every part of your life should be a full on party and part of the party is being real with yourself.

The other day, I found myself inhaling some greasy fast food within minutes. Hell, possibly seconds. I barely ate anything throughout the day and when I had a minute to eat I wanted something “delicious” and that would fill me up. Yes, the deep fried treats were tasty but I don’t even recall chewing. There wasn’t a spiritual or cultural connection with my food. Nothing says buzz kill like a meal that is not homemade, full of calories, grease, chemicals, and guilt.

Typically, when we feel guilty it’s rather easy for our thoughts to spiral out of control. I would find myself skipping meals or putting in longer time at the gym to make up for my slip up or just completely give up. It’s a ridiculous cycle and it’s played out. If there is no balance there is no order.

All I am sure of is, I am not living out my full life’s party. Being in a repeated cycle of lack of self control and damaging my health isn’t fully living. It’s like living a hangover.

I have been know to be a hypochondriac but I do have my fair share of health issues. I’m not going to sit here and list out all of my issues but to name a couple I suffer from severe allergies and eczema. I am at a point in my life where I have completely had enough.

I am ready to look at what is missing and figuring out why I remain stuck. I am researching and digging deep within my glitter covered soul to develop a long-lasting life/health plan for a party girl. Like all good things, I know it will take time, experimenting, a strong support system, and an open mind.

I want to develop a personal system that sets me up for success. I want my way of life to allow me to connect with my unique body and figure out what my body is telling me and what it needs less of and more of. I will make self-care a necessary practice while allowing myself to have the occasional “bad” food.

I plan on applying a rule of “weekend bad girl” that will allow me to not go completely Girls Gone Wild, but be okay with having the occasional junk food. It’s important to me not to let the guilt sabotage my progress. I need to stop promising myself that I will work out tomorrow and promise myself that I will make a strong effort to be the most festive and healthiest me I can be.

To get to this change, I will be making mental (and sometimes physical) notes of how I feel when I do certain things. It’s proven that the more productive and positive you are towards a goal the more results you will receive.

With a New Year, always comes new goals. We always want things to be different and better but there comes a time when you need to suck it up and figure out what you’re doing wrong. When figuring these things out, you must not punish yourself for the downfalls that occur, but realize why they happen and what you’re going to do to make it better.

My 2014 is going to be about growth and self worth. We are all worthy of our heart desires if we invest in ourselves. Investments don’t have to be unpleasant but about your way of life. Know what you deserve and where you can work harder.

What do you plan on doing to make your 2014 about compassion, self worth, and lots of laughs? How are you going to turn yourself into the connected and stunning party monster that is inside of you? The holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with yourself and loved ones, get ready to be honest with yourself and shine in 2014.

Stay sexy Gotham!

Your dream gig should feel like work.

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

dream gig Sprinkles and Booze

In this modern day in age, I constantly hear people say “I would love to do __________ but I have to have a real job?” I am not sure how a ‘real job’ took on the meaning of leaving out your passions, hopes and your dreams. The truth of the matter is your ‘real job’ is fulfilling your purpose and what makes you happy.

The concept of doing something you love while getting paid to do it takes time and work. Many people stick with lukewarm jobs in which they aren’t happy with, or even full on hate for months, even years without taking action. That action to follow your purpose comes with a massive amount of work that is well worth it in the end. It is possible to find a job that pays you a decent amount but is it really fulfilling your purpose? Do you feel like you’ve followed that dream you’ve always been longing? If you’ve answered yes, then awesome! If you’ve said no, then get to work on your REAL job.

Dream Gig Flowers Sprinkles and Booze

Do you see where I am going within this crazy blogger rant? We all know that anything you truly want takes some sort of work. We need to stop downplaying our dreams and put the real work into what we want. Yes, sometimes we have to work another job to fund and launch what you wish to be doing. This takes a lot of energy and you should be pooped, but just think about how much more fulfilled you are.

I am still in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship and take on side projects that come to me from blogging and I love every moment of it. There are so many wonderful people out there that work a full-time gig and pursue their personal passion driven work at the same time. We need to consider this work our ‘real job’. It is completely doable and realistic. What is keeping you from being one of those wonderful people?

So many people psych themselves out due to the concept of needing a ‘real job’. It’s never an easy balance of paying gig vs. a life of passion. It can definitely drive you nuts but what is life if it’s not full of nuts? Once you get your brain right, the concept can become quite simple, I didn’t say EASY but simple. With the proper system in place, you could be captain of the Starship Enterprise. That’s right, you can be Captain Kirk!

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It’s time to bring on the discipline. To make your dream job your real job, it comes with a carefully carved out schedule. Get used to making a very clear daily to-do list. It’s a simple switch of making your ‘side/dream business’ your primary business. We need to keep in our minds that this is the most important ‘job’, no matter how tired, how annoyed, or how frustrating it can be. We will rest when we are retired, and that time isn’t now. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel slightly overwhelmed or scared but the only way out is through, darlings. Most if not all successful and fulfilled people have done this before me and will continue to do so.

Once you get your priorities together, put a ring on it! Well, I mean, sort of? It’s time to commit! Committing to anything takes a shit ton of planning and patience. The faster your dream becomes a reality, the more it is going to need your attention. You begin to tighten up your focus a bit more which leads to more work but don’t worry, it is definitely all doable and manageable. If we let the amount of work get to us, it will never get done. You need to commit to the work and know that it is truly what you want to be doing. But a ring on your passion, till death do you part.

If you’re sitting there reading this and agreeing with everything and feel totally motivate, AWESOME! But let’s be real, it’s pretty hard to be a self motivator most of the time, especially when you know it’s going to require tons and tons of work. Share your goals with supportive people and get yourself an accountability homie. This accountability homie will step in during those times where you can’t quiet your inner demons of self-induced struggles. These struggles prevent you from getting any work done and they happen to the best of us. We are used to being told what to do and when to do it. It starts in grade school and continues into adulthood but we need to flip the switch and see that we are the authority over our destiny. It’s hard work learning to take yourself seriously and that’s okay. Your accountability homie will step in to help you get over yourself. Not sure whom you want your homie to be? Find someone that is doing something similar to you and become each other’s homies. Your partnership will be number one in the hood and you will see amazing results within your workload.

Flowers Dream Sprinkles and Booze

When are we going to stop shitting on our dreams? If you have a passion and want to make it your life, there is nothing more inspirational and wonderful. It’s possible to be a dreamer and a worker. There will be a moment when you’re asking yourself why are you working yourself silly and have self doubt.These thoughts are normal and part of your incredible journey. Know why you’re putting the work in and that it is carrying you through the finish line of your truth. Your real job is bringing light and love to the universe through the passion in which you have for life. We must never forget this and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

Snowy nights and great conversations.

Saturday, December 29th, 2012


So, i’m snowed in on a Saturday night. It can sound like a dream to some and a nightmare to others. I took it upon myself sit alone and have a mini proper freak out about my life being a late 20 something. It comes with the territory.

This mini freak out and some great conversation with others made me realize something. If I am complaining and freaking out about the same exact things I was say…a month ago, am I only attracting what I fear to myself? After a month, am I just whining and freaking out for the sake of doing so? I’ve been taught that you receive what you think about the most and i’ve had living proof of this over and over within my life.

My fears all lie within the fact that I am living my dreams. I am shooting for the stars blindly and ready to work my ass off. I am sure it sounds exciting from the outside but trust me, it’s terrifying. I am in love with the direction my life is going in but at the same time, it’s like jumping into the ocean without knowing how to swim.

Instead of whining, I WILL get off my bum and make my life completely worth living. Why should I stress and worry about failure when I should be excited about the life in which I am desiring. I will have the career I desire, I will travel and make new exciting friends while making new adventures with old friends, I will help others realize their worth and how beautiful and action packed the world really is. I want to live my life waking up daily and smiling at myself in the mirror because life is wonderful and worth it.

We all can live exactly the way we want right now. There are no excuses. Fear is an asshole and don’t let it get in the way of what you desire. Manifest the very best for yourself because you are the most stunning. Your energy continues to make the world wonderful in dark times and all of the time.

Keep shining my little bunnies,
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This used to be a fun house but now it’s a sad house.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Sadhouse by Sam Rennocks

Somewhere down the line, most of my guy friends decided I was the go to female to ask about relationships. I don’t know if it’s because I like superheroes and zombies, but my opinion definitely matters to my dude-bros.

Lately there has been an overwhelming number of guys that are having women issues in my life. I don’t know if it’s something in the air or if women are getting crazier but a lot of nonsense has been taking place. I mean complete nonsense! Chicks getting back with their guys only to mess with their heads, asking to go to fancy restaurants with no intentions of being with the guy, the list is endless and not unheard of. Us ladies tend to have evil moments but it doesn’t make it okay.

Being that I am female, I do love being spoiled and attention but I also like to be an equal. For the countless amount of times that I have heard a woman talk about how a guy is an ‘asshole’, we need to also take note of our actions and intentions.  That guy has probably dated and had shit experiences in the past and expecting history to repeat itself. This is what leads the guy to be said ‘asshole’. Or he could be an actual asshole and in that case, keep it movin’!

The largest bit of advice I can give anyone, male or female is COMMUNICATE. When you are hiding things, and not being honest, and plotting and just carrying on with complete fuckery it’s not benefiting you. Just because someone bought you an expensive gift or meal, that doesn’t define you or make you a better person. Talk about how you feel about the person (or don’t feel about the person) and find that person that suits you. It’s about complimenting one another not completing one another.

Really love zombies,

Latanya Rene

Envy killed the Elephant : Part II

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Photo by LiLou 

When I think of jealousy, I tend to think of evil queens and witches in fairytales. That evil queen would have never poisoned Snow White unless she wasn’t completely jealous. I now bring you the follow up on my rant about jealousy in which I began last week. I feel like a lot of folks hold on to things that are completely out of their control (and sometimes within their control). I hope these tips in which I use are helpful. There is nothing more troublesome than letting negative fester.

We are trained to be competitive. To always have the best, biggest, and greatest. Because this is something we are taught very early on, it’s hard not to compare ourselves to others. The reality is everyone has flaws. How many times have you hung out with someone you thought ‘had it all’ and realized that person has a lot of hidden struggles themselves? Most of these ‘perfect’ people have perfected the concept of hiding their flaws. Instead of worrying about what you don’t have, worry more about your positive traits. What do you bring to the table? What skills do you have? How awesome is your collection of comic books or fashion magazines? Once you bring the attention back to the positive, your confidence typically will grow. That positive energy will assist with manifesting other great things that you’re longing for. You’re sure to get fantastic results.

You can’t have jealous feelings without the assistance of someone else. With that said, a lot of angry jealous energy comes from a lack of making yourself happy. That might sound completely nuts but when you think about it, if you’re looking for attention from someone else it’s possible you can fill that ‘need’ on your own. Take a look at yourself for a moment. What is  making you feel as if you need that other person to make you ‘happy’? It could be as easy as doing an activity that makes your happy. Always look at your true intentions and what will really make you giddy like cray-cray happy.

Do the complete opposite of what a jealous person would do. When you feel jealousy taking over, don’t assume, give the silent treatment, slash tires, throw things, angry text, drop obscure and sarcastic hints, Facebook/Twitter stalk, send horrible things to their house, throw out their belongings, or give them things baked with poison. Try what a trusting sane person would do instead. If you’re upset because your friend is hanging out with someone else, recommend a good place to eat or a great movie that just came out. If someone else gets the job that you want, be nice instead of being sneaky. Congratulate the person and offer to help them be successful. Only good things can come from this! The more good you put into the universe the more good will come to you. Obviously, you have to mean what you’re saying so stop being a jerk. Envy is an ugly beast…no one wants to be an ugly beast.

Photo by Evie L. Wray 

Recognize the bitch that is paranoia. Jealousy causes you to react to a fantasy scenario that’s all in your mind. Stick to the positive fantasies, those tend to have better outfits and a way better outcome. The bad things you’re making up in your head may never come to play. If they do, shit happens! You’re a tough cookie and you can handle it. You should develop a great support system of friends and family. This support team of awesomeness will have your back and help you move on to be a better person.

Don’t lose sight of your feelings. Always, always, always listen to your gut but if you start feeling jealous, your emotions are telling you something is happening. Something that you’re simply just not okay with and that’s fine. Figure out what the real issue is behind these feelings and most of the time you’ll realize what needs to be corrected to make you feel better. Ultimately, jealousy is a fear-based behavior. What you can end up doing is creating a situation where bad things could happen. You think negative, you bring negative. It is science and it’s also ironic.  

Working to never be an ugly beast,

Latanya Rene