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What’s your Alibi?

Monday, July 29th, 2013


Howdy folks! It’s Monday and I am here to bring you a fun booze filled review. They call it liquid courage and it’s no real surprise that drinking whiskey is like developing superpowers. Good can come with whiskey when used responsibly but things can instantly become a shit storm when used for evil.

I recently tried Alibi American Whiskey and it was rather wonderful. I am not typically a whiskey drinker but it is a smooth 90 proof blended whiskey that was easy on my mouth. This whiskey can work for shooting, drinking on the rocks, or mixing for your favorite cocktails. Alibi is there to be a part of your party. The brand and marketing is directed towards people that are ready for a unique story or to make bad ass memories. Remember folks, with great power and taste comes great responsibility. Don’t be that fool that uses these powers for lameness!


Since I am openly in love with cocktails, I decided to use my Alibi American Whiskey to make something pretty American. I made an American Woman. This drink requires 1 1/2 oz Alibi American Whiskey, 1/2 oz Creme de Noyaux, 1/2 oz Cherry Liqueur and 1 oz Southern Comfort peach liqueur. It’s a rather simple drink. Empty all of the proper amounts of your ingredients into a drink shaker with some ice, let it chill, pour it into a cocktail glass and BAM! You have a tasty American Woman!

So what’s your Alibi? You can find out where you can pick up this tasty whiskey by using this trusty map. Sadly, it hasn’t made a full world takeover but I have faith that it will! What are some of your favorite whiskey cocktails? Do you use your whiskey powers for good or for evil? In the meantime, CHEERS!

Stay sexy Gotham!

Do you watch CATFISH: THE TV SHOW?

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013


Last night I was part of the live studio audience experience of MTV’s CATFISH: THE TV SHOW (the After Show). I had some friends spot me in the audience which is pretty awesome and I feel semi-famous. The experience was long but super fun. The MTV audience staff and security were super nice and rather entertaining. They made sure we were comfortable. At one point they went around with sugar treats to make sure we all had enough pep to cheer and be a part of the experience. I have been a part of several live audiences but this one by far was one of the most fun.

I have had several people say to me “What the hell is Catfish?!” and I am always shocked that people aren’t watching this gem of a reality show. Catfish is a documentary that was released in 2010. The film involved a man named Nev who was being filmed by his brother and his best friend. They documented his life as he fell in love and built a romantic relationship with a woman online. Spoiler alert but, the woman that Nev fell in love with wasn’t who she claimed to be. I would recommend definitely watching the documentary if you haven’t done so already.

While I loved Catfish the film, a lot of critics and people felt otherwise. A lot of people questioned if the film was staged or not. The phenomenon known as Catshishing is in fact very real and still very much alive. This brought about the birth of CATFISH: THE TV SHOW and boy am I glad it was birthed. Nev Schulman and his filmmaker friend, Max are now in their second season of their weekly hour-long TV show. This duo spend most of their time traveling around the country to help people who are in an online relationship. Believe the film is real or not, the show brings about a very authentic and genuine approach to reality television. We are watching real emotions unfold and people getting caught in a pretty intense string of lies.

At the end of the first season of Catfish, the show asked for people who are dying to meet the person they have been having a long-term online relationships to contact the show. They also encouraged anyone that has been living a lie on the internet to come clean and be honest to the person they have been lying to virtually. I will say I am happy they asked for people to share because this season has been intense. Such a tangled and tricking world wide web we are all a part of! This show has reviled that everyone on the internet is not always what they seem.

I personally find it baffling and confusing enough that someone would even be in a serious and long-term relationship with a person whom they never had a webcam conversation with and in some cases haven’t even talked to on the phone! Why aren’t the victims using Google themselves to research “the love of their lives”? I mean, I love the show so as long as people continue to not openly do their own research there will be a need for CATFISH: THE TV SHOW.

The episode that aired last night was about a young man named Dorion who was willing to risk his current relationship for an online fling. He wanted to finally meet the woman who he was talking to online that helped him with one of the toughest times of his life, Jeszica. Dorion’s current girlfriend, Raffinee decided to allow him to move forward and meet “Jeszica” because apparently she wanted him to be happy? As Dorion and Raffinee told it on the awkward-as-hell Catfish live aftershow, she was “joking” when she suggested Dorion write to Nev and Max about his “former” online flame, Jeszica. The entire time you watch the episode you just feel bad for Raffinee. I am not sure why anyone would put up with such poor and one sided treatment from anyone. I mean, Dorion was basically trying to catch his catfish and eat it too. Not cool, bro! If you want to watch the outcome of the episode, you can watch it here.

If Catfish the film and show has taught me anything is that a lot of people have a full range of self-esteem struggles and issues. The episode that aired last night was a complete shit storm of mixed emotions, low self-esteem, and poor treatment for other people’s feelings and emotions. For the ladies involved in last night’s episode, I hope you guys realize there are other guys out there. You’re both extremely stunning and deserve better for yourselves and need to gather up your self esteem nuggets and keep it movin’!

Why do you think people Catfish other people on the internet?  Why lie about who you are? We all know that lying never brings the party. How did you feel about last night’s episode? Have you ever been a victim of a Catfish? Are you guys catfishing me?!

Stay sexy Gotham!

Portland the great!

Saturday, February 16th, 2013


I haven’t been on a great trip, journey, adventure, or anything of the sort in ages. Being well overdue for some amazing traveling adventure, I decided it would be best to visit one of my great friends Jaymz who moved two years ago. So I will be spending the next month in the great city known as Portland, OR.


2:00AM wake up calls, 2 layovers, sleepless planes rides, and 10 hours later I arrived to Portland on Wednesday afternoon. The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t need my winter coat in which I have grown used to over the past few months in the North East. I mean, we just had a major snow storm that left a mountain of snow higher than my car back at home. One would assume it would be a winter wonderland everywhere with the amount of snow that has recently taken place in my life.


Being slightly jet-lagged and loopy, my first afternoon was filled with warm welcomes and a house full of adorable cats. I look forward to the next 30 days in this wonderful city. Prepare for tons of updates full of food reviews, vintage shops, comics book stores, and more. It’s going to be a blast and i’m excited to share it all with you guys.


Have you ever come out to the PDX? Is there anything you would like for me to visit or that I should visit while I am here?

Welcome to Portlandia,
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