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Entered as strangers, left as friends.

Sunday, March 24th, 2013


I am sure you’ve heard the saying, “enter as strangers, leave as friends”. I was blessed with this feeling recently. Three weeks ago I had the complete honor of going to the Sock Dreams Headquarters which is located in Portland, OR. After visiting their store (also located in Portland), I got invited to visit and see the behind the scenes awesomeness.

The staff was a breath of fresh cotton candy heaven! Zaffie took me on a tour of their warehouse which consisted of an amazing inventory and dogs! Yes, there were lots of lovable dogs for the petting! Seriously, who could ask for more?

There is nothing more powerful and amazing than walking into a company (or any place really) and knowing everyone is truly happy to be there. It’s an overwhelming great and honest feeling. It hits you like a direct brick to the face but in the best and most heart warming way possible. I didn’t want to leave!

After great conversation, loads of laughs, and dog petting I got to frolic in some of the greatness that Sock Dreams has to offer. Layered tulle petticoats always have a special place in my heart but, couple that with extraordinarily longer striped thigh highs and dreamy knee highs?! I think I might faint. I was also introduced to the genius of the suspender clip industrial garter belt. I wish I knew about this brilliance sooner! It would have saved me from years of pulling and tugging to make sure my thigh highs were in place.

Needless to say, the entire staff of Sock Dreams and I fell in love. I am super jazzed about this friendship and their support of my craziness. Thank you Sock Dreams for being so much of what this world needs and also providing us with sassy, sexy, and brilliant socks!


Dishing on Portland: Part One

Monday, March 11th, 2013


For years (two to be exact), I was a vegan. I actually adored the lifestyle and didn’t think I could ever go back to dairy or chicken. I was never big on beef or pork and I am allergic to fish so I kept my diet pretty simple. Being that I was mostly vegetarian, I figured I would give vegan-ism a chance. I wanted to see if I could actually do it and I did until…I got super sick. I am anemic and I was taking loads of iron supplements and loading up on iron enriched veggies. Thinking it was enough I went about my daily business and thought I was fine. It turns out, I wasn’t.

I have zero against a vegan diet/lifestyle and if my iron wasn’t so moody I probably still would be 100% vegan but sadly I just can’t make it work for me and the lack of animal protein does catch up with me. When I do have any sort of additional ‘animal product’ in my diet, I make sure it’s as ethical as possible.

While in Portland, I have been staying with one of my besties, Jaymz. It is a completely vegan household which is fabulous and Jaymz is a brilliant cook. I was sure I was in for some great eats. Also, to add to the yumminess, Portland is like the vegan food capital. We have eaten at 12 stunning vegan/veg restaurants and I am here to give you a full list of all that is fabulous for your taste buds. Vegan or not, you should definitely check out these restaurants if you get to visit this amazing city.

These posts will be broken down into parts to not overwhelm you with a lot of reading on a bunch of different food places. Bon Appétit!

Vita-Cafe. Like most of everything in Portland, Vita-Cafe feels young, hip, and amazing. The first two times I ate food from the cafe was actually take out that was picked up by Jaymz’s husband. I wasn’t aware of how dope the restaurant was until the third time we got food there because we actually ate on location. The pricing is fair and affordable. It is primarily vegetarian and vegan as well as free range, all natural, and hormone free meats and eggs. Everything is local and organic which is very green and something I will be looking for more often when dining on the east coast! GO GREEN!

They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our dinner conversation consisted of Jaymz’s hot new haircut…


Isn’t it cute?!

For my takeout orders both times I had a Buffalo Tofu Wrap. It’s tofu with spicy “buffalo” sauce, lettuce, tomato, and vegan ranch dressing all wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. I had fries on the side and boy was it filling.

For dinner I had, Buffalo things which are crispy tofu strips tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce. It’s served with carrots, celery, and vegan ranch dressing. I also had two margaritas but who is counting?!

Our waitress had the best makeup ever and wearing a very awesome polk dotted 80’s babydoll dress. She made some killer drinks and was super sweet. Overall the experience there was brilliant and I give the restaurant 5 out of 5 sprinkle filled booze glasses.

Lover of all that is spicy,

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Seattle, I love you but you’re bringing me down…

Monday, March 4th, 2013


We just arrived back to Portland where I will be for another week and a half. I enjoyed the beautiful city of Seattle. The only complaint I actually have about the entire experience is that I couldn’t be there longer. Other than that, I almost instantly fell in love. I am very much so the type that can pick up the energy and feeling of places (and people) and I was definitely smelling what Seattle was steppin’ in. That might not be the proper metaphor but I am tired and thinking about unicorns. I suppose that is really no different than any other day.

There will be a proper review of the Seattle weekend for sure. It will go up either later this week or early next week.Get ready for a massive photo overload in the best way possible.

My weekend involved a lot of booze, food, wonderful nerd-dom and lots of great exhibits. I wanted to review someone who definitely is a talent. I am referring to Jason Fisher. I had the honor of speaking to him for a second time this weekend. I met him originally last weekend at the Portland Comicon. He was actually the person that informed us about the Seattle Comicon and it just so happened to be on the weekend we were planning on making the trip.

I find Jason to be super nice, talented, AND stylish. Those things are super hard to come by in one human form. It is possible he is a robot but he is super nice so that can’t be true. Can it? His artistic style is rather unique but it makes you smile. His use of colors will definitely draw you in and make you want to look at more. I am a sucker for bright colors and interesting subject matters. Speaking of interesting subject matters, if you go poking around on his website it might not all be SFW so be careful.

Sadly, I do not have any of his comics (yet) but I couldn’t leave these two prints behind. They are brilliant and I took a picture of them while I was sitting on the convention center floor resting my tired convention legs.


I am definitely a fan and when you get a moment you should check out his work. At least get this brilliant burger patch from his online Etsy shop because it’s adorable. I wanted one but mentally couldn’t think about where I would put it. I will find a place and I will be buying one. So cute.

I give Jason and his work five out of five sprinkle filled shot glasses. He is talented, charming, and sweet. You seriously couldn’t ask for more! Thank you for being wonderful and unique, Jason!

Planning on recovering from a long weekend with some retail therapy,
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Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Dream, dream, dream.

Friday, March 1st, 2013


It’s the end of the week and the beginning of a new month. March is among my favorite months for many reasons. Spring is in the air, it’s my birth month, people start coming out of their houses more, and everyone is ready to start fresh.

My March begins with me going to Seattle for a couple of days. Pretty excited to experience this wonderful city for the first time. I’m sure it’s going to be everything I want it to be.

So how was my week you may be wondering. It was full of harlem shaking and fantastic-ness. I am going to share my Sprinkles vs my Sparkles with you guys. My Sprinkles are always things that I loved within the week and the Sparkles are achievements I am especially proud of. Let’s rotate the circle shift and keep it going!





They can’t all be the best Harlem Shake video but Azealia…girl did you work it in this one. She is completely brilliant.

♡ Kaelah Bee is running an amazing contest that all of my ladies should check out.


How cute is this photo of Drew Barrymore?! So cute.

♡ Love this look on Gabi’s blog this week.

♡ Here is another outfit post but I couldn’t resist when it involves an outfit covered in Bart Simpson. Thank you for sharing Anastasia Siantar!

♡ While I am obsessing over outfits check out this video. Just a great way to include a superhero shirt and look chic.

♡ How awesome is this wedding invitation? Pretty amazing, right!

♡ I just read this amazing post by the lovely Gala and had to share it. Always go your own way.


♡ I went to one of the best cinemas in all of the United States known as Cinetopia. ♡ I ate a bunch of lemons which is a great week for me. I enjoy eating lemons. ♡ Went on random Portland adventures and found this wonderful shop. ♡ Played some classic video games at Ground Kontrol. ♡ I got to drink a ton of dirty Shirley Temples and ate vegan nachos.  ♡ I started using my new purse notebook. ♡ I had the chance to go to the wonderful Powell Books. ♡ I bought this because it was necessary. ♡ Did a ton of Sprinkle and Booze improvement research which is always satisfying.  ♡ I am more than likely going to be buying this for myself for my birthday. ♡ Had relatively vivid and intense dreams that were all amazing. ♡ I gave a good friend a proper pep talk about her future company which will definitely be brilliant. ♡ Made a ton of style boards in which I am proud of. ♡ Told a guy in a restaurant he dropped his wallet. ♡ Pet adorable tiny dogs. ♡ Shared my Betsey Johnson love with a stranger.  ♡ Gave a hug.


What did you love this week? What are you proud of? What do you have planned for next week? Next week is my final full week in Portland for a little while and then I am back to the East coast and have a lot to do when I get back. So many dreams to make a reality and so little time.


Shimmy, shake it and keep it rollin’,

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P.S. I contribute on a couple of other blogs, so I will include links to other posts at the end of the week that you should also check out.

I talked about my experience being brown in Portland on Black  Girl Nerds. Check, check it!



How to tell the difference between a Williamsburg hipster and a Portland hipster.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013


I’m moving onto week number two in the wonderful city of Portland and I must say, still loving it. The air is fresh and wonderful, the people are super nice, and there are more hipsters than the eye can see. Take it or leave it, hipsters make the world go round…or something. Since i’ve been here a bit and developed a feel and mood for my surroundings, I figured I would make a helpful how to on how to tell the difference between the Portland, OR hipster and the Williamsburg- Brooklyn, NY hipster. If you’re planning on traveling coast to coast and want to know the style or flavor of hipster you will get, this how to guide will hopefully be useful.


The Williamsburg Hipster


❤  Brr! Is it cold in here or are you happy to see me? Typically, it’s cooler in NY than it would be in Portland. The Williamsburg hipster isn’t a stranger to the layering of clothing look.

❤  Reading most definitely is sexy. In my many years of knowing Brooklyn, I typically see hipsters roaming the streets with a newspaper, magazine, or a book. I think this is to validate their black framed glasses.

❤  What you got in them jeans? Cuffed jeans are a thing. Cuffed jeans are rather popular with the hipster of Williamsburg.

❤  Keep it blazin’! Blazers are a hipster crowd favorite. Once again, I think this goes along with the fact that it’s cooler on the east.

❤  Bang, bang. He shot me down. Side bangs are a popular hair style among the typical Williamsburg hipster.

❤  Technology! In Williamsburg the hipsters tend to stay on trend with the hottest latest and greatest new gadget. What?! Do you seriously not have the iPhone 5 yet? I pre-ordered mine before they even announced when it would come out.

❤  Sex appeal. The Williamsburg hipster seems to be a little more sexy. They more than likely to look like they would model for American Appeal than Free People.

❤  It’s okay to look like a shocked baby deer. Every girl in Williamsburg magically looks like the oh so adorable Zooey Deschanel. ALL of them.


The Portland Hipster


❤  I can smell your beard. Most Portland hipster males are super beard-tastic. It’s rather hot actually.

❤  Vegan paradise. Most if not ALL of the hipsters in Portland are vegan.

❤  Cute cuts! A lot of the hipsters in Portland are a fan of ambiguous haircuts. Is that a dude or a chick? No one knows!

❤  How short are your shorts? Daisy dukes for guys and gals alike. I’ve seen a lot of tiny shorts since i’ve been here. Show off those gams, Portland!

❤  I used to be punk, but now i’m a hipster. A lot of the hipsters in Portland used to be punks. It’s like they came to Portland to retire as a hipster.

❤  How intense is your v-neck? V-neck t-shirts with flannel are more of a thing in Portland. I am lovin’ the man cleavage.

❤  Will you have my hand in marriage? Not only do the hipsters fall in love but they also are married. The amount of married couples in Portland also explains the insane amount of strip clubs.

❤  If it’s not vintage, I don’t want it. I am rather sure i’ve never seen so many vintage shops in my entire life. I would guess there are more vintage stores than any other type of store in all of Portland. I actually adore the amount of vintage within Portland.  It’s ideal for the hipster that likes to kick it old school.

❤  Tree hugging is key. The Portland hipster is more concerned with  earth, wind, water, and fire. They are one with Captain Planet and honestly, I feel like the Williamsburg hipster should take note. Plant a fuckin’ tree!


A hipster is a hipster:It’s all the samesies


❤  The PBR company will remain happy and rich. Where there are hipsters, there will be tons of PBR. That’s a promise.

❤  Buy me brunch, bitches! Brunch is the most popular and probably only meal a hipster will make sure to have.

❤  I love how interesting you are. Hipsters will love you the weirder and more eccentric.

❤  “You probably haven’t heard of them.” A popular saying hipsters like to say when talking about about the latest band they are into.

❤  Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just me but on more than one occasion, i’ve heard a hipster use the term “ironic” incorrectly.

❤  I bike, you bike, we all bike! Hipsters tend to love biking places, which is great honestly. They spend a lot of time looking for vintages, unique, and expensive bikes and God bless ’em!

❤  “I totally had sex with him before he got famous.” Hipsters pretty much love to name drop obscure or up and coming celebrities. They need to make sure you’re aware of how cool they are because they know someone that is cool and famous.

❤  An Apple a day. You can only own Apple products. Anything that isn’t a Mac isn’t real. I am sure they would go as far as having a Macintosh analog computer because digital doesn’t have the warmth or quality as the original.

❤  The first step is denial. Most hipsters will deny the SHIT out of being a hipster. You will never get them to admit any of the things I have listed in this guide on how to spot a hipster, coast to coast. I accept you the way you are, hipsters. I have always loved you, way before you were cool.


I can honestly go on with this ALL day but, I think you are prepared enough to be able to spot a hipster in Williamsburg or Portland or anywhere in between.

What are you favorite hipster traits? Was there anything majorly important that I forgot to mention or list?

Hipsters for all and for all a good night,
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