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Devil’s Nightcap from Gorilla Perfume.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

sprinkle devil

If there is something you should know about me, it is that I am a lushaholic. One might think this would mean I sit around all day drinking straight out of a wine bottle, but I am referring to LUSH Cosmetics.

Years ago, after my first visit and shopping spree in a LUSH store, I knew it was an ever lasting love. The overall experience is one that is of quality. The customer service, products, morals, and branding is ACE. It also is a brand in which builds a great community of consumers and fans.

Lush Logo

While in Portland, OR it was only natural to take a visit to a LUSH store on the west coast. Lucky for me, LUSH had just launched a new Gorilla Perfume line that I knew nothing about. I smelled each one in and had my nose and heart set on one, Devil’s Nightcap.

Devil’s Nightcap is a very interesting perfume. It sneaks up on you as you’re wearing it in a way I think the devil himself would be proud of. Here is a description on the perfume from LUSH’s website…

“An earthy, mystical fragrance inspired by the mythology behind The Agglestone, or the Devil’s Nightcap, a megalithic rock outside the town of Studland, England. The story goes that his Satanic Majesty hurled the rock in an attempt to hit a nearby town. With bitter oakwood, oakmoss, clary sage and ylang ylang to capture the magic.”

The scent is unisex which I actually love. I’ve never found a fragrance before that could be worn by a woman or a man that wasn’t overpowering. It’s very smoky and somewhat sexy. Try not to get pregnant when you have it on (or if you’re trying to get preggo, knock yourself out!).

On myself, the scent is slightly flowery and fruity underneath the smoky sexiness. You would have to reapply a few drops throughout the day but not much because the scent definitely lasts. It seems like every time I reapply it adds a hint of flowery goodness. It’s so wonderful and this is definitely the most unique perform that I have ever worn.

Stay sexy Gotham!