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Create your bed of roses.

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Sprinkles and Booze- Rose Decor

Hey there Space Girls and Space Boys!

Besides being a blogger, online personality, and all around glitter witch, I have been expanding my Sprinkles and Booze brand into the world of styling and designing. I have a great passion for creating colorful festive decor and making things look lush. I have massive styling dreams and to fuel my need to bring the party to the world I have decided to creative products to inspire, promote daily celebrating and overall spice up the lives of others.

I have been cutting, drawing, gluing, designing, glitter spilling, and painting out all of my ideas as of lately. I noticed that the process has made me a calmer and happier, but I also realized that this is always the case. A lot of love goes into creating and handmade items. It’s one of the reasons why Etsy thrives and is so popular. When something is made with love it runs through the product and makes it rather special.

In the world of crafters and do-it-yourselfers, you will find a market of survivors and fighters. Where there is passion, there is quality. Creating something you believe in is the secret to a sound body, mind, and spirit.

Sprinkles and Booze Rose Decor 1

I keep it no secret when I am super stressed out or overwhelmed. I might mention it in passing on Facebook or in a tweet. The past month, I have cuddled up with a blanket, busted out some craft supplies and decided to make whatever came to mind. This past month was also one of the dopest stress-free months i’ve had in a while. I made items that I actual adore and want to share with others. In my life I have learned that relaxation, stress relief, and creativity always ties together. My personal creative zen garden is on fleek!  Creating and collaborating are my anti-drug.

It’s a blessing to be able to unwind within the craft you love. I take pride in making things that make others smile while smiling. As I work all of the worries of the world melt away and I focus my attention on the task at hand. I am drawn in to a meditative state and my brain becomes a glittery mental hippy fest.

Along with the zen like quality crafting promotes, it also boosts confidence within myself. Do you remember as a child making something at school and being so jazzed about bringing it home to show your mother and father? Imagine having that feeling on a daily. The entire process of envisioning, producing, and realizing a product to its final form is a party starter and boosts your self worth. It’s like you’re creating your own stunning  pick me up.

Sprinkles and Booze Rose Decor 2

Crafting is my constant. I forever find peace in building and creating something fun and meaningful. I think creating and being inspired is the key to everlasting youth and happiness. Creative energy stimulates my brain just as a good book would and I am excited to share my creations with the world. My one true wish is that others can feel the love that I pour into my handmade pieces of work. It’s my way of giving the world a unicorn kiss! I hope this post reaches you and blasts you with inspiration like the most powerful of all Care Bears!

Feeling inspired? What have you been working on lately? Thank you for allowing me this moment to gush and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

Trials and Tribulations of a Party Monster Extraordinaire.

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Anaise Prince Photography #confettisprinkles photobooth

The behind the scenes of the making of a Party Life + Style blog seems like it should be a constant world of glitter, rainbows, and kittens but the truth of the matter is, it’s not always glamorous.

As a blogger, it can be a bit much having people aware of your plans and what you’re working towards. You have to prepare for a lot of “Are you sure that is what you want to do?” or “That idea is crazy?” and sometimes just straight up haters. You also have to deal with people learning your “secret sauce” sort of speak. They want to know what you’re cooking up next in your business plans and how projects are coming along. Though this is to be expected, it can sometimes be overwhelming and even discouraging.

Recently, I was given feedback about my company and blog that I wasn’t sure was positive or negative. The short of the awkward story is, I came out of the situation realizing there are a bunch of stereotypes in the blogosphere about the type of blog one should run based on their appearance. Being a “trendy” female of color, people assume that I have a gossip blog, talk about ethnic hair products, or I must only write about the latest World Star video. While there is nothing wrong with blogs of these nature, it gives me a bit more work when representing my site and brand. This is something I accept and I am tough enough for the challenge.

Putting your dreams and hopes out there for people to bare witness to is forever terrifying but it comes with the territory. Learning to use the positive and negative to your benefit is a skill. Once you develop this skill, almost nothing can stop you.

My positive outlook towards the negative that comes with being my own boss didn’t come easy and to be honest probably never will. I have days where I wonder if I made the right choices and I am full of doubt. The trick is figuring out the healthiest way to deal with the problems so that you’re able to return back to your kick ass party that is life.

Anaise Prince Photography #confettisprinkles photobooth 1

The insane amount of support I have received since the start definitely outweighs the negative. One of my favorite moments during my blogger break last month was receiving a “Member Appreciation” award at B:Hive’s 1 year anniversary party. It might sound sappy or crazy but I was on the verge of tears when handed this tiny plastic award. This tiny piece of plastic represents the supportive entrepreneurs that have become like family to me and have shown nothing but support for the beginning. It symbolizes love on a personal and professional level. It symbolizes every victory I achieve. It symbolizes a breath of fresh air when I am so mentally exhausted. It symbolizes my journey in designing a life that I adore.

Getting back to the day to day hustle as a blogger and party stylist has been intense and beautifully positive. I have YOU to thank and my massive support system that has come together fiercely and fabulously over the past year. I know for a fact I could not have made it this far (with a SUPER long way to go) on my own. I have nothing but gratitude and love for what the universe has been blessing me with. The future seems oh so glittery and bright for us all.

Tell me about some of your struggles and how you get over perceptions? What keeps your life party thriving? Thank you for allowing me to a sappy Sally from time to time. As always…

Stay sexy Gotham!
Photos taken by Anaise Prince ❤ Confetti by The Confetti Bar

Thanks Mom! I turned out awesome!

Saturday, May 10th, 2014


Thank you mom for always letting me freely express my creativity. From the dance lessons, to the art classes, camps, the workshops, tennis lessons, guitar lessons…the list goes on and on and on. I finally feel like I am settling into my own and getting it all figured out. I want to say, THANK YOU! You have forever been my number one fan and a spectacular mother! To this I say, I love you and want to wish you the happiest of all Mother’s Day!


Because life celebrating doesn’t have to be the same ol’.

Friday, March 14th, 2014

It’s not always easy thinking of new things to do with your friends. There are only so many movie and dinner nights you can handle before you’re tired of doing the same old thing. We all enjoy creative and unique gatherings, but don’t always have the time or energy to put into planning.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.29.26 PM

Last month I was an attendee of Little Black Business Book’s first ever Art + Alcohol event. The event encourages you to unleash your inner Picasso, while eating delicious tapas by Whisk + Brush and gettin’ tipsy, I mean enjoying wine.

When we arrived to the event, the room was buzzing with excited people. We all grabbed our drinks and food while listening to the musical stylings of a live pianist. As soon we took our seats, we had the overwhelming feeling to get our paint on. I MAY or may not have started painting before I was supposed to, but that is the beauty of an event like this. You’re to make it your own and you don’t need experience to have a great time.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.29.50 PM

We were supplied with paint, canvas, a smock, a drink, some macaroons and some good old fashioned hope. You know, all of the essentials to create our masterpieces. While we were unleashing our inner creatives geniuses, there were raffle drawings for some pretty magical prizes. The grand prize was a 3 day 2 night stay in Las Vegas. I would have never imagined that I would be the one to win such a lovely prize but apparently lady luck was on my side. Get it, because it’s Vegas. Whatever…i’m funny! ANYWAY…YAY, I am going to Vegas! I was blessed to be hanging out with good friends while making new friends, so winning the grand prize was literally just the cherry on top of my sprinkle covered cupcake.

Ashley Keller, owner of My Little Black Business Book, is the mastermind behind this creative and expressive booze-y event. “My mother in law is a painter and we were having wine and painting during my last visit to South Carolina when she said ‘This is so fun…painting and drinking wine with you.’ and a light bulb went off.” Ashley stated. “I want people to enjoy the same experience we had and POOF….Art + Alcohol was born.” and thank goodness it was. Being born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut I know we could always use more interesting events to give our city life. Ashley mentioned that she wants to turn Art + Alcohol into a series and introduce other mediums of art as well.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.30.30 PM

When asking Ashley how she felt about the outcome of the first Art + Alcohol event, she said “I am overwhelmed with excitement about the outcome! Everyone that came had a blast!” and being a guest, I can easily say she is correct. The event completely sold out and was full of positive energy. So when is the next Art + Alcohol? Ashley, being the amazing planner that she is, already has the next event lined up. The  Spring Fling edition of Art & Alcohol will be held on Thursday, April 10th!

Art+Alcohol (1)

Connecticut based artist, Nicole Grant-Paul will once again instruct us on how to be world class artists while being wine-os. Nicole gave us really simple instructions to follow and made sure we mixed our paint in the proper hues. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this time around.

Sprinkles and Booze Art + Alcohol

Anything involving art and booze will always make for a legit good time. Grab some girl friends (or dude friends), don’t forget your laughter, and get ready to create. Life celebrations always create the best memories. I am beyond excited and can’t wait for this artsy spring fling.

Most fine artists are winos, right? Come and be merry, drink wine and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

Always make it a point to celebrate today, everyday.

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Sprinkles and Booze small celebrations

One of my personal life goals is to assure that I am celebrating life daily. No matter how busy or how crazy the day can get, I try to remember the main point of living is to live.

This morning, while away on a Boston business trip I woke up with a case of the Mondays. My back has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now, I have to deal with a minor car issue when I get back home, on top of laundry and the other “gifts” that life hands us along the way. I am trying to make a habit of making daily gratitude lists. No matter how silly or how small the celebration, it’s still a celebration. Here are some of the rad things that are going well in my life right now…

1. Waking up to a beautiful sunny winter day in Boston this morning. Yes, we’ve had a brutal winter but nothing beats the beauty that it truly brings.

2. The coffee maker in my hotel room. I’m about to use the hell out of it and YES, I am excited.

3. Disco the Unicorn! One of my Valentine’s Day gifts from my boyfriend was a stuffed unicorn that I instantly fell in love with. I named him Disco because it seemed proper.

4. My new Stila lip color of choice is Stila Gemma color balm lipstick. This lipstick is so wonderful I might need to have a separate post dedicated to it’s greatness.

5. Awesome party design opportunities that are on the rise. I’ve been properly getting my hustle on and not quitting my daydream. It’s actually paying off and it’s a blessing on a million levels.

6. Laughter! I am forever grateful for being able to laugh and giving the gift of laughter to others (most of the time without even trying).

7. You guys! If it wasn’t for you guys, I definitely would not have made it this far in my blogging/party making career. You are the raddest and complete me.

Sprinkles and Booze small celebrations 1

Life is full of little things to be excited about. No matter how shit your day may seem, there is always something worth celebrating. I have trained myself to push through the rubbish because it is just that…rubbish. Most issues are temporary and shouldn’t get in the way of your overall success and happiness. Sometimes we find it easier to give in to the negative but that is not living.

Gratitude lists are nothing new, but they often get lost in our daily grind. We should all make it our personal goal to remember to cherish and celebrate ourselves. To keep myself on track, maybe I should share my mini daily celebrations more often.

What are you excited about celebrating today? Go out and get a Cotton Candy Cupcake because you deserve one and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!