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How to get rid of the winter lips blues.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013


It’s January and winter here on the east coast. Winter typically means the same for a lot of us, super dry, chapped, and un-kissable lips. Lets all face it, with dry cold air and lower humidity our lips get a beating. Chapped lips are not only the most un-sexy but they can also be painful.

Having sexy lips is a desire of most ladies and some dudes. Making this desire a reality is actually pretty simple. Actually caring for your lips as you would for the rest of your skin is the fastest and easiest way to restore the natural moisture of lips. Lip hygiene is just as important as your face, arms, legs, etc. It needs to be handled on a regular basis.

Lip balm it up! I can not express how many lip lotions and potions I have. It’s kind of embarrassing but very much so necessary. Lip balm isn’t only for the winter months, but should be used with the changing seasons. During summer months use lip balms with sun screen of some sort to protect your lips against harmful UV rays. In the winter (and on some cloudy days) you should use lip balm that is enriched with shea butter and glycerin. This will reduce dry and cracked lips.

Stop licking your damn lips! It’s not helping your situation, at all.

Drink lots and lots of water. This is good for ALL of your skin. It also helps with your lip health.

Olive oil is ace! If you’re more of an all natural person and are having a hard time deciding which natural lip product to use, olive oil also works wonders on your lips.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Shed off the dead skin cells from you lips so you always have fresh skin to work with. I do this about every other day.

Citrus is helpful! I eat lemons almost daily (yes, I said EAT) and a while back I was reading that most citrus based fruits help with skin health which of course includes your lips.

Rose water smells awesome and makes you pretty. When cleaning your face, try to spray some rose water on it and let it air dry. Spray a little extra on your lips for additional lip benefits.

Photo by Mike Falzone

Photo by Mike Falzone

Let’s make sweet lip love and listen to death from above now that we have these useful tips to a kissable face during winter season. Do you have any fun winter tips for lips? Do you really want to make sweet lip love?

Smoochin’ you,
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