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My Strange Addiction: I am addicted to lemons.

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Lemon Sprinkles and Booze

Most of my good friends are aware that I have quite the regular craving for lemon…with the rind and all. I have been trying to cut down on my love for the beautiful golden fruit but after going days without having even a single wedge I go a little nuts. The super strange sour addiction has been something i’ve had for most of my life. I didn’t full on start eating lemon until about 2 years ago. It’s to the point now that if I go out to lunch or dinner with a friend, they just hand me their lemon from their drink.

I decided to cut down on my lemon intact due to it “being bad for your teeth”. Yes, lemons can break down the enamel on your teeth but my enamel seems to be in pretty good shape. This also comes with the help of my enamel strengthening toothpaste. At this point, I will have a few lemons a week and I am happy with this.

Lemons can be the perfect addition to your party cocktails or in your daily beverages. They have been known to even help prevent hangovers, YES, I said help prevent hangovers! So stop hatin’ on them. Lemon juice has been said to be a hangover cure for generations. In 1929, the product Seven-Up came on the market. Its original name “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda” was promoted as a hangover cure.

It’s 2013, and we still don’t know what the REAL causes of hangovers really are but one of the many theories is that it is due to low blood sugar. The idea is that as the body metabolizes or processes alcohol, the process can inhibit glucose production and result in hypoglycemia, which can add to hangover symptoms. With this said, it’s wise to consume fruits, natural/raw fruit juices, or honey to decrease hangover grossness.

Lemon contains citric acid, the body’s acidic condition can be transformed to an alkaline condition. With all of this said, drinking lemon juice or just consuming the lemon can actually help ease symptoms of a hangover by making the body more alkaline. Also, teas will replace the body fluids that are depleted during drinking…throw some lemon in that bitch! Who doesn’t love their cup of tea with lemon? YUM!

lemon drink Sprinkles and Booze

Lemon doesn’t just help bring the party to your beverages but there are so many great benefits. Here is a list of a few other amazing benefits of lemon (you’re welcome):

Your face loves lemon! Lemon is WONDERFUL for your skin. Blemishes, blackheads, pimples, you name it and lemons can fix it. Slice open a lemon and rub it across your face once in a while. It will work wonders on your skin and your face will be mega happy.

Your teeth can actually use SOME of the acid. With a little bit of lemon juice and baking soda on your teeth, your pearly whites will be ultra white. Like I mentioned before, be careful. Too much of this acid can break down your enamel so this is nice for a short amount of time and once in a while.

Inhale, deep breaths, and add lemon. There has been research shown that lemon has a calming effect. It can help with anxiety, nervousness and tension. It is also believed that inhaling lemon oil helps in increasing concentration and alertness. Get some lemon oil and add it to your work area to remain alert, fabulous, and brilliant.

Nature’s gum. Lemon is great for freshening breath that has gone wrong after eating foods, drinking, smoking, among other bad breath issues. You can rinse your mouth with some lemon juice or even chew on a lemon slice after every meal.

Cancer is a cunt! Lemons contain 22 anti-cancer compounds. It includes limonene oil which slows the growth of cancer tumors and flavonol glycosides which stop cell division in cancer cells. Lemon is your friend!

Lemons are always available, inexpensive and in all honesty the benefits can be endless! They are a powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, astringent, diuretic, AND packed full of Vitamin C, A, B1, B6, and P, magnesium, potassium, and folic acid. So next time you see me eating a wedge, pick one up and join in on the greatness. And as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!