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Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Donald Glover is my spirit animal

Friday, March 22nd, 2013


It’s Childish Gambino Friday! I woke up with Mr. Glover on my brain and can’t stop listening to him.

Donald Glover was the better part of my morning. I also woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck. I had one of those moments where I realized something that might be life changing.This was that, I am not where I want to be health wise. No, I didn’t go out drinking last night but I did stay up until 3AM. My sleep patterns are not the healthiest and it’s something I would like to change in my personal life to be a healthier me.

With this in mind, I would like to share my Sprinkles vs Sparkles. Part of being the healthiest you is noticing what makes you happy. It’s also key to take note of what you have personally achieved. In case you’re wondering what the hell Sprinkles and Sparkles have to do with this, I will break it down for you. My weekly sprinkles are things i’ve come across that I loved. My sparkles are my personal happy moments within my life that i’ve done or accomplished within the week. So here we go:




♡ This article is basically perfect. A good friend recommended that I read it.

♡ Finding out that Rebel Wilson is possibly in the new Hunger Games film.

♡ Gala is at it again! Here is an amazing post that just went up today. It’s super informative for the blogger babe (or dude)! Check out the other parts of the series as well, and get your blog on.

♡ Can someone please tell Nubby to stop being so stunning? Thanks!

♡ While I am having a mini Blogcademy reunion on my blog right now, you should go and sign up for this.

♡ Nerdy cuteness can be found here.

♡ Lamuelle basically summed up exactly how I feel about the new Justin Timberlake album.  I seriously think it’s impossible not to want sex listening to this album.



This photo is so perfect! I have no words.

♡ It’s that time of year again. Time to get your spring cleaning on. This guide is perfect and I will be using it!

♡ I discovered this week that Mike Falzone and Coffee girl have a podcast! You can go listen to this amazingness here.


How perfect was the finale of Girls?


♡ I set a birthday goal to get 500 “likes” on my Sprinkles and Booze facebook page and I accomplished this 4 days before my birthday! I love you guys more than words can express. Keep liking and sharing my blog. Together we will take over the internet and world. ♡ Learning my limits. Due to travel and fun I was constantly on the run. I literally forced myself to hide in my house for a day to sort out my brain.♡ I listened to the entire Justin Timberlake album several times without molesting the nearest man. ♡ I added pink (and blue) to my hair because i’m a fuckin’ boss. ♡ I wrote my Coheed and Cambria story and I am pretty excited about it. ♡ I decided I need to make a proper business plan which I will be doing next week. It’s going to be dope! ♡ Signed up for some brilliant lectures in Brooklyn that I can not wait to attend. ♡ I played a lot of Mario Kart of Nintendo 64!  OLD SCHOOL! ♡ I went to Fashionista and bought this piece of awesome. ♡ Had an amazing conversation with Jamie from Black Girl Nerds. She is my whole heart. ♡ Deciding that being healthy needs to be a full time job. ♡ Getting back to my dance and fitness routine at Work it Dance and Fitness. ♡ Landed tickets to see the yeah, yeah, yeahs in NYC next month. I might faint.


and my final sparkle is pre-ordering these amazing leggings from my friend Monique’s new online store.

I seriously can not wait to get them.

And there you have it, my bunnies! I hope your week was full of awesome, colorful foods, good hair, and dancing.


Keep it sexy, Gotham!


In case you can’t get enough of my crazy ass, I also appeared in these places:

I talk about one of my dance idols on Black Girl Nerds and did another amazing podcast with the lovely ladies of BGN!

Suits & Ties for all.

Monday, January 14th, 2013



While everyone was still rolling around in the glow of the Golden Globes, I was excited about something I have been waiting for, for years. Like a proper fan girl, I stayed up until midnight last night for the big Justin Timberlake news. After 6 very long years, Mr. Timberlake finally is releasing a new album.

Last evening, he dropped the Timbaland produced “Suit & Tie” and flavored it with Jay-Z.  It made a delicious and smooth treat. The buzz on the internet is that people think otherwise. They either feel like it should have had a greater “POW!” or are simply confused by the song.  I don’t know why people are complaining honestly, I think that just hearing new music from Justin Timberlake would be enough to have you swaying.

I think the song is different with the classic JT we all love to move it to. What are your thoughts? Are you putting on your suit and tie or are you sticking to jeans and a t-shirt? Is Justin back for all of us to love and enjoy or did he completely miss the mark?


Looking for a bow tie,

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 6.05.55 PM