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How to cure boredom…forever!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

bored sprinkles

I am definitely not one to ever really feel bored. The other day, I was asked what do I do to prevent boredom. When I really took a minute to think about it, I realized I am interested in so many things which in turns gives me a lot to do. Whether it is productive or not, I am a active bunny.

We have the ability to create “busy” work from all over the place. We create our own projects based on our wants, our needs, and what we think we should be working towards. Once I realized what my purpose is and how I want to live my life, I became somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of work it would take to get to where I wish to be. The fun part is actually taking the steps. These steps are what keep me busy and motivated.

Once I started really thinking of all of the ways I occupy myself, I decided to make a list and share it with your lovely people. I hope this list cures your bordem for life and you end up being a crime fighter. LET’S GO!

Let’s go crazy! Prince said it best. Sometimes you have to go completely nuts. Have your own personal dance party while singing as loud as you can. Before you know it, you will realize that you’re having a grand ol’ time, even if it’s by yourself. Tip: The more bass involved in the song the more fun you will probably have.

Gmail would like a little attention. My e-mail account gets a little crazy from time to time. If I have downtime I make the most of it by responding to e-mails and organizing my inbox. It will save you so much time in the long run and you will have that ever so awesome feeling of being productive.

Don’t call me a hippy! Meditation is so fantastic. It is something I feel that most should make a habit.  If you seem to have a shit ton of stress in your life, it wouldn’t hurt to get your brain right. Meditation can bring focus back to the present and calm you down.

Budget yourself before you wreck yourself. Work on your personal finances. It will put you ahead of the game and your wallet will be happy. Who knows, working on your finances when you’re “bored” might be something you learn to love. It could also make you a rich person. Before you know it, you will be  diving into your money like Scrooge McDuck.

Being clean is a good look. Try cleaning something. Unless you’re insanely OCD, there will have something to tidy up. I am always picking up something or folding laundry in between my daily tasks. It’s the only way it would get done otherwise. Make it a fun event. Put on your favorite band and dance around while dusting. Your place will be more than half way clean by the end of the album.

Film it up. Watch a movie at home or go to the cinema. I mean, this should come pretty easy. A good film is always entertaining and it can be as easy as firing up your Netflix account. Films were put on earth for us to enjoy them, use them when necessary.

Amour letter amour. Actually, WRITE a letter of love. How often do we actually sit down and write these days. I try to make it a habit to write daily but in the days of computers, iPhones and tablets, we hardly even know what our handwriting looks like. Write a letter to tell someone how much you love them and actually write it. The person who you’re writing this letter for will love it and feel special. It will also cure you of having the “I have nothing to do” blues.

Nap time is for champions. I think one of my favorite words is probably “nap”. Try resting for a little while because you can never be too well rested. If you’re able to nap somewhere amazing like in a tree hammock, even better. You can’t be bored while you’re dreaming.

The neverending story. Write your story. Even if it’s fictional. Start writing a book for the fun of it. It will be a fun little side project and will be something you can go back to for months and who knows, you might write the next big book series.

How novel of you. Always have a book (or tablet) on person. Having your iPad or an actual book is a easy way to assure you will never be bored. Same goes for magazines and comic books. In your down time, catch up on some reading. Don’t forget that reading IS fundamental after all.

Work it! Sometimes all you need is a little fitness to get you out of the “I have nothing to do” state of mind. Take a new fitness classes, go for a walk, hit the gym, whatever you need to do to feel like you’re accomplishing something and you will be healthier. Tone the butt!

Edumacation! With the magic of the internet, you can improve your knowledge with a few google searches and some free online workshops. Think of something you’ve always wanted to know more about and start to explore.


There are ENDLESS ways you can cure bordem and better yourself at the same time. I hope that some of these tips will jump start new adventures and a better you. You’re already stunning darling, sometimes you just need to throw some glitter on things to fab it up a bit.

Stay sexy Gotham!

How to handle “catty” women.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


Photos by the ever so talented Dr-Benway

Ladies, we have to deal with a lot. We deal with grueling beauty regimens. We sometimes work harder than men for less pay. For some of us, having an orgasm requires a magician. We have to bleed every month only to someday carry a tiny human inside of us for nine months. It’s a rough life, but someone’s got to do it, right? With all of this said, why is it that sometimes our worse enemies are those of our own gender?

If you’ve seen the film Mean Girls, I am sure you loved it but also had situations in your life where you can totally relate. No matter what your age, it’s possible to run into a scary and vindictive monster of a female. This behavior can sometimes make life very difficult and cause tons of hurt feelings. The whole mean girl complex totally bothers me because it’s all about sisterhood and uniting. Being that I have had some run ins with some not so nice ladies over the years, I thought I would make this how to guide on how to handle catty women.


Retract your claws! When these evil ladies are giving you dirty looks, whispering about you to their friends, and being down right awful don’t feed into it. Retract your claws and end the cycle of terrible. If someone is being a jerk towards you they are wanting you to react so why give them what they want? Don’t let the terrorists win!

Kill your “enemy” with kindness. This is one of my personal favorites. Nothing bothers a mean person more than if you’re nice to them. In my brain, it’s a form of forgiveness but in their mind they have little incentive to continue being an awful person towards you. The catty girl of your nightmares might just move on to her next victim. In her eyes you just turned into Mother Theresa and you are useless to her. 

❤  Call ’em like you see ’em! I’m definitely not saying go about being rude and bitchy towards the wrong doer. I am saying there might be times when you can actually talk out the situation. Let the person know how they are making you feel like shit. This is usually a great approach to take if being nice hasn’t worked out in your benefit. Keep down the path of being a positive and brave little toaster and let her know that she is being a total out of control evil being. Let her know that you have feelings and you don’t think the way she is treating you is a proper way to go about things. Be the bigger person if you are being bullied. 




The end is near! The end to girl on girl crime. We can stand together and decide now to not prolong catty behavior. We can beat this once and for all by taking the higher road.

Another great way to end the catty vicious cycle is by not avoiding making friends with a female because of past experiences. Not all women are competitive, or out to get you, or evil. The more you hold on to the idea that most women are catty, the more you will become catty.


Nothing but love for my lovely ladies!

How to impress a geeky guy.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013


Photo of the beautiful Jess Forget Me

Have you ever walked into a comic book shop and the hottest guy ever is standing before you? Or been at your local bar arcade and wanted to play Pacman with the dreamboat occupying the machine? Are you worried that your geek knowledge isn’t up to date enough for the stud at your local library looking at Star Wars books? If you’ve ever been too afraid to approach the geeky boy you’ve been digging then fear not. We have to remember, that hot geeky boys are people too. He is more than likely just as terrified of approaching you as you are him. Get in front of his wall of geek-dom and he more than likely will appreciate you for it. This how to guide might not get him to put a ring on it right away, but it is a great start in getting him to open up.

Tell him you love his Yoda teeshirt. Small talk can be some of the best talk. Walk up to him and pay him a compliment. If you’re into the geeky type, you know he typically might shy away and not talk as much at first. Give it a few minutes, he will warm up to you. The more your geeky boy opens up, he will not shut up.

Digital, digital get down! If the conversation is great and you want to continue it later, ask him if you can find him on Facebook or Twitter. Geeky boys tend to enjoy the internet. It will be a fantastic way to pick up the conversation with your geek-bro. Geek boys tend to not be the type to want to chat on the phone so he will definitely appreciate you wanting to talk digitally.

Bake him a cake just as fast as you can. Once you moved on to actually hanging out with your geeky boy for a second time, bake him something. Cupcakes, cookies, cake, whatever! Everyone knows a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Put on an apron and get out the sprinkles!

Go go gadget! Talk about your latest new gadget but, only if you are very knowledgeable of it. Show him you know your stuff and how to operate your latest tablet or computer. He will most definitely be impressed.

Oh my! What a big brain you have! Geeky boys love praise. Tell him how he is the geekiest in all the land. Let him know that there is no one out there smarter than him. Trust me, it works. I am pretty shit at math so I let my geek solve my math equations. He is not only helping you with his giant brain, but in his mind he instantly became a superhero.

Let your geek flag fly. The best part about being into a geeky boy is you can openly be your geeky self. If you geek out from time to time, it’s a-okay to unleash that with your new geeky man friend. He will think it’s sexy even if he isn’t into it because he understands.

Make it a blockbuster night. Watch geeky and awesome films with your geeky boy. You can say something like “Let’s do a Transformers marathon and cry every time someone hurts Bumblebee.” Eat some cookie dough and get your movie on.


I hope these tips and tricks are helpful. Go after the geeky boy of your choice! Try not to over do them because then it just comes off as fake…and possibly creepy. Don’t be a creeper!

Good luck on your geek quest,

How to deal with being criticized and not critiqued.

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


We all should surround ourselves with people that support us and believe in us. It should be one of the main goals when building your circle of friends. Something that can easily sneak into your circle of friends is a Judge-y Julie. You know, that one friend that seems to think they are doing you good when what they are telling you is coming from a negative and dark place. They think they are giving you a positive critique but really, they are just criticizing your every step.

I’ve been coming across some Judge-y Julies lately and I thought this would be the best time for a post like this to happen. Call it jealousy, angry, or whatever, we all know these people are looking to bring down others just to make themselves feel better. I am not sure how projecting their thoughts and emotions onto someone else will help their situation at all, but hopefully this how to guide will help you be able to deal with them the next time they come around. Here is how to handle someone in your life that is criticizing your every move.

Don’t worry, be happy! Most Judge-y Julies are pretty unhappy people. It’s important to play detective and really think about what is making this person act the way they are acting. People that are judging you are usually doing this to cover their own insecurities 99.9% of the time. They often have a bunch of negative rubbish going on in their lives and use this method as their defense.

Lend a ear. It may sound crazy but actually listening to the person instead of fighting back might make the person criticize you less. I personally try to use most of this judgement as a learning experience. Try to see the positive in the negative even if it is very difficult. It will put you that much above the judgement and possibly help you.There is always a possibility there is SOME truth in what the person is saying but maybe not. Just hear them out before pulling out your sword.

“Why thank you good sir!” Thanking the person for their opinion might throw the person for a loop. The person is looking for drama. If you just simply agree, they will have nowhere to go with the criticism. It will more than likely just stop there because they didn’t get what they wanted from the initial judgement.

Confidence looks super sexy on you. If someone is judging you it isn’t coming from any positive place. Don’t let these criticism get you down. Know that you’re amazing and brilliant and the best unicorn on the block. Always be proud of yourself and the fact that you’re working towards your goals. The Judge-y Julie isn’t perfect! Why are you letting her bring you down?

Speak up for yourself! The best thing you can do in the situation is tell the person how they are making you feel. Let them know that they are being hurtful and if they cared they would stop being a jerk-face. Just keep it friendly! Do not say this in a harsh or threatening way or this will indeed start an argument.

Everyone has an opinion, and there is really nothing at all wrong with this. Some people just don’t have a filter on their opinion and frankly don’t give a shit how you feel after they express it. Try to chuckle off the comments and remember that these Judge-y Julies are speaking from their faults and failures and it is possible they really think they are helping.

I understand the rude remakes can make you not want to move forward with your goals and dreams. You decided to follow these goals and dreams because you knew that it will help you get to where you are happiest. Don’t let someone pass their shortcomings onto you. It’s not right, at all. Never feel as if you have to explain yourself to anyone and if all else fails, fake it until you make it so the Judge-y Julies have nothing negative to say. Typically, if you feel as if you can’t achieve something, that idea was put there by someone else.

Remember there is a big difference between positive and negative feedback. You should always be able to tell the difference. Do you know a Judge-y Julie? How do you handle her (or him, there can be a Judge-y John)? I would love to hear about your experiences and how you personally handled the situation.

Proud survivor of judgement,
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How to tell the difference between a Williamsburg hipster and a Portland hipster.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013


I’m moving onto week number two in the wonderful city of Portland and I must say, still loving it. The air is fresh and wonderful, the people are super nice, and there are more hipsters than the eye can see. Take it or leave it, hipsters make the world go round…or something. Since i’ve been here a bit and developed a feel and mood for my surroundings, I figured I would make a helpful how to on how to tell the difference between the Portland, OR hipster and the Williamsburg- Brooklyn, NY hipster. If you’re planning on traveling coast to coast and want to know the style or flavor of hipster you will get, this how to guide will hopefully be useful.


The Williamsburg Hipster


❤  Brr! Is it cold in here or are you happy to see me? Typically, it’s cooler in NY than it would be in Portland. The Williamsburg hipster isn’t a stranger to the layering of clothing look.

❤  Reading most definitely is sexy. In my many years of knowing Brooklyn, I typically see hipsters roaming the streets with a newspaper, magazine, or a book. I think this is to validate their black framed glasses.

❤  What you got in them jeans? Cuffed jeans are a thing. Cuffed jeans are rather popular with the hipster of Williamsburg.

❤  Keep it blazin’! Blazers are a hipster crowd favorite. Once again, I think this goes along with the fact that it’s cooler on the east.

❤  Bang, bang. He shot me down. Side bangs are a popular hair style among the typical Williamsburg hipster.

❤  Technology! In Williamsburg the hipsters tend to stay on trend with the hottest latest and greatest new gadget. What?! Do you seriously not have the iPhone 5 yet? I pre-ordered mine before they even announced when it would come out.

❤  Sex appeal. The Williamsburg hipster seems to be a little more sexy. They more than likely to look like they would model for American Appeal than Free People.

❤  It’s okay to look like a shocked baby deer. Every girl in Williamsburg magically looks like the oh so adorable Zooey Deschanel. ALL of them.


The Portland Hipster


❤  I can smell your beard. Most Portland hipster males are super beard-tastic. It’s rather hot actually.

❤  Vegan paradise. Most if not ALL of the hipsters in Portland are vegan.

❤  Cute cuts! A lot of the hipsters in Portland are a fan of ambiguous haircuts. Is that a dude or a chick? No one knows!

❤  How short are your shorts? Daisy dukes for guys and gals alike. I’ve seen a lot of tiny shorts since i’ve been here. Show off those gams, Portland!

❤  I used to be punk, but now i’m a hipster. A lot of the hipsters in Portland used to be punks. It’s like they came to Portland to retire as a hipster.

❤  How intense is your v-neck? V-neck t-shirts with flannel are more of a thing in Portland. I am lovin’ the man cleavage.

❤  Will you have my hand in marriage? Not only do the hipsters fall in love but they also are married. The amount of married couples in Portland also explains the insane amount of strip clubs.

❤  If it’s not vintage, I don’t want it. I am rather sure i’ve never seen so many vintage shops in my entire life. I would guess there are more vintage stores than any other type of store in all of Portland. I actually adore the amount of vintage within Portland.  It’s ideal for the hipster that likes to kick it old school.

❤  Tree hugging is key. The Portland hipster is more concerned with  earth, wind, water, and fire. They are one with Captain Planet and honestly, I feel like the Williamsburg hipster should take note. Plant a fuckin’ tree!


A hipster is a hipster:It’s all the samesies


❤  The PBR company will remain happy and rich. Where there are hipsters, there will be tons of PBR. That’s a promise.

❤  Buy me brunch, bitches! Brunch is the most popular and probably only meal a hipster will make sure to have.

❤  I love how interesting you are. Hipsters will love you the weirder and more eccentric.

❤  “You probably haven’t heard of them.” A popular saying hipsters like to say when talking about about the latest band they are into.

❤  Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just me but on more than one occasion, i’ve heard a hipster use the term “ironic” incorrectly.

❤  I bike, you bike, we all bike! Hipsters tend to love biking places, which is great honestly. They spend a lot of time looking for vintages, unique, and expensive bikes and God bless ’em!

❤  “I totally had sex with him before he got famous.” Hipsters pretty much love to name drop obscure or up and coming celebrities. They need to make sure you’re aware of how cool they are because they know someone that is cool and famous.

❤  An Apple a day. You can only own Apple products. Anything that isn’t a Mac isn’t real. I am sure they would go as far as having a Macintosh analog computer because digital doesn’t have the warmth or quality as the original.

❤  The first step is denial. Most hipsters will deny the SHIT out of being a hipster. You will never get them to admit any of the things I have listed in this guide on how to spot a hipster, coast to coast. I accept you the way you are, hipsters. I have always loved you, way before you were cool.


I can honestly go on with this ALL day but, I think you are prepared enough to be able to spot a hipster in Williamsburg or Portland or anywhere in between.

What are you favorite hipster traits? Was there anything majorly important that I forgot to mention or list?

Hipsters for all and for all a good night,
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