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Is it worth it, let me work it…

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Photo by Julie de Waroquier1

Photos in this post by Julie de Waroquier.

Hello my little party monsters! Lately I have been super focused on getting in shape and getting healthy. When life’s a party, it’s easy to live off of cupcakes and cocktails. I am happy that two years ago I discovered Work It Dance and Fitness.

I used to dance as a small creature and it was my passion. There wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t thinking about perfecting all of the dance moves from the latest Janet Jackson video or putting on mini concerts for my family. After a couple of hours of reminiscing and a quick google search, I found Work It Dance and Fitness and was shocked at how close the studio is to where I live. I instantly signed up for a Burlesque dance class and I have been addicted since.

Since i’ve been focusing on proper health and wellness for a party girl, I have been asking friends what are they doing to improve their health. The other day a friend said to me “Well, if you’re going to focus on getting in shape and healthy you will have to do something more physical”. I sort of laughed it off but I mean, it’s so nuts how people think dance couldn’t possibly be a great workout. Not only is it amazing for you, but it’s fun! It beats getting on the elliptical for an hour, staring at gray gym walls, and listening to music on your smart phone.

Photo by Julie de Waroquier2

Dancing is one kick ass way to improve more than just your fitness and it’s something you can do even if you can’t make it to a dance class. Fold your laundry and shake it to your favorite jam if you have to. Dance gives you an amazing combination of physical exercise, creativity, mental concentration, and if you do it with others you are improving your social interaction. When you improve on these areas of your life there is less stressing, less nerd rage, you have an increase in your energy and your strength and muscle tone are on point. Sound pretty good right?

Dance is a great activity to add to your daily life for health, wellness and to make everyday a party. Here are some of my reasons as to how dance can improve your quality of life:

Dance makes you feel like a rockstar. Dancing is one of the best ways to build your confidence. When you dance it unleashes a huge pocket of confidence you didn’t even know you had. You can learn a lot about yourself from your movements and having other people watch you move. The more you learn about yourself, the more you’re well on your way to moving like Jagger.

You grinnin’ fool, you! Most of the time, if you see someone dancing you will see that they have a giant sized smile on their face. Dance is meant to make you happy and in turn makes others happy to watch you. It’s the circle of  a dancin’ fool’s life. When you feed your body the movement in which it craves it reacts by giving you happy feelings. When you’re happy you have a ton of energy and in turn can do more with your time, like become a ninja. Who doesn’t want to feel happier or be a fucking ninja?!

The brain can be a scary place. As people, we sometimes get caught up in our own thoughts and don’t just do things because we want to. Don’t get me wrong, thinking and being within your thoughts can be awesome sometimes but you don’t want this to be the constant state of your mind. Do something frivolous on the dance floor and free your mind.

Communication is key. Have you ever been at a party and just stood there wondering how to open up a line of communication with others? Are you the one praying they someone suggests taking out a board game or starts a conversation with you? Why not just bust a move? Communicate by dancing, it does not require you to say one word. It’s a great way to become the life of the party and it might help also bring others out of their shells.

Sexy, sexy, sexy! There was a study on how dancing can make you sexy so it has to be true, right?!

It’s just a little hobby. Learning any dance form or just loving to dance in general is probably one of the coolest hobbies you can add to your list of hobbies. All of your non-dancing friends will assume you are the coolest person ever just because you’re a dance machine.

Geek the fuck out! It always comes back to being a geek. If you decide to pick a dance form to try out, you will get more comfortable within that style, and you will geek out about your new passion. Most geeky types always are looking for something new and exciting to geek out about. Why not add dance to the list? It will add some spice to your geek resume of Star Wars and Domo-Kun. I bet most people would never think you are a geeky lord of dance. It’s a nice little surprise to spice up your geek-dom!

Photo by Julie de Waroquier

When you’re a child dancer and you grow up and out of dance, you always think there is no way you can possibly get back into your practice. I, like many adults was completely wrong. Since finding Work It Dance and Fitness, I personally can say that it has improved my quality of life. From the warm friendly faces, motivational pep talks, and doing something amazing for my body I can say it’s one of my favorite parts of my life. Work It Dance and Fitness has always been a physical challenge but the teachers always manage to kept it fun, fresh, exciting, and new. My love for all that is dance has come back into my life full swing and I couldn’t be happier that it did. I have built quite a wonderful new bunch of friends that I now consider family.

If you are in an area that has a dance studio, I would recommend signing up for a class or two. You will be surprised how quickly dance will become addictive. If you are looking to improve several parts of your life and have fun, dance is probably the best way to go about it.

So it’s time to shake your money maker! Put on your dancing shoes and shimmy your way to a healthier and happier you! Do you think you are going to venture out into the world of dance and take a class or two? Maybe you will be the first one at the next party you’re at to hit the dance floor? Or do you want to start small and be a private dancer for a party of one in your bedroom? I always say go hard or go home!

Stay sexy Gotham!

MASHK for your face…and the rest of your body.

Monday, May 6th, 2013

bath sprinkles review

I am about to be pretty open about a health and beauty personal issue. Since I was a child, I have suffered from severe eczema. I have time periods where you would never guess and other times when I am like “Looks like I am going to have to wear sleeves all summer”. It’s been an on going battle but one of my personal goals is to beat the problem and do it naturally.

Sometimes it’s hard having a skin condition in which your skin can feel dry and rough. I am always on the search for natural products that will leave my skin smooth, glowing, and happy. I want to  “fix” my condition and not just hide it. The “fixes” can also be diet related, but that’s a different post for another day.  I’ve had the honor of trying Mashk Tri Miracle Squares. The squares are personally something i’ve never seen before, smell good enough to eat, and are definitely a miracle.

mashkinc sprinkles

I was able to try out the Apricot Fig Madness. Ladies and gents, it sure was a crowd pleaser. I opened the jar and wanted to dive right in and live there. I am a sucker for anything that smells wonderful.

Before using the product, I researched what the skin benefits are of apricots. The squares have a lot of apricot oil which contains Vitamin A & E. These vitamins bring softness to your skin for hours. Having skin issues, it’s always good to work with something that will keep your skin happy for as long as possible.

The squares come with instructions on how to properly clean your face. I like to think outside of the box and I’ve used a few of them on my entire body in the shower. The only downside to this is, you will use up the square pretty quickly. There is a small square of cloth in the middle of the square that holds the ingredients in square form. There is nothing sadder than trying to desperately get all of the goodness off of the cloth square that you’re left with. Once I realized that I was struggling to get the remaining apricot goodness off of the tiny piece of cloth, I realized I am an addict. You’ve won this round, MASHK!

I love MASHK’s motto which is “Closer to the nature, the better our skin looks & feels”. I couldn’t agree more. The more natural a product the better and we  often forget, our skin is our biggest organ. We try to avoid eating “crap”, so why would we put “crap” on our skin.  The squares are made with shea butter glycerin soap, Aloe Vera, allantoin, vitamin C & E, lactic acid and proprietary essential oil blend. All natural, all day, all wonderful.

If you’re in the California area, the products are sold in a few stores and salons for you west coast babes. If you’re anywhere else in the world, you can order the squares via the interwebs, here.

Are you as in love with products that smell good enough to eat like I am? Do you have any hidden eczema natural treatments you would like to share?

Stay sexy Gotham!

Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Donald Glover is my spirit animal

Friday, March 22nd, 2013


It’s Childish Gambino Friday! I woke up with Mr. Glover on my brain and can’t stop listening to him.

Donald Glover was the better part of my morning. I also woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck. I had one of those moments where I realized something that might be life changing.This was that, I am not where I want to be health wise. No, I didn’t go out drinking last night but I did stay up until 3AM. My sleep patterns are not the healthiest and it’s something I would like to change in my personal life to be a healthier me.

With this in mind, I would like to share my Sprinkles vs Sparkles. Part of being the healthiest you is noticing what makes you happy. It’s also key to take note of what you have personally achieved. In case you’re wondering what the hell Sprinkles and Sparkles have to do with this, I will break it down for you. My weekly sprinkles are things i’ve come across that I loved. My sparkles are my personal happy moments within my life that i’ve done or accomplished within the week. So here we go:




♡ This article is basically perfect. A good friend recommended that I read it.

♡ Finding out that Rebel Wilson is possibly in the new Hunger Games film.

♡ Gala is at it again! Here is an amazing post that just went up today. It’s super informative for the blogger babe (or dude)! Check out the other parts of the series as well, and get your blog on.

♡ Can someone please tell Nubby to stop being so stunning? Thanks!

♡ While I am having a mini Blogcademy reunion on my blog right now, you should go and sign up for this.

♡ Nerdy cuteness can be found here.

♡ Lamuelle basically summed up exactly how I feel about the new Justin Timberlake album.  I seriously think it’s impossible not to want sex listening to this album.



This photo is so perfect! I have no words.

♡ It’s that time of year again. Time to get your spring cleaning on. This guide is perfect and I will be using it!

♡ I discovered this week that Mike Falzone and Coffee girl have a podcast! You can go listen to this amazingness here.


How perfect was the finale of Girls?


♡ I set a birthday goal to get 500 “likes” on my Sprinkles and Booze facebook page and I accomplished this 4 days before my birthday! I love you guys more than words can express. Keep liking and sharing my blog. Together we will take over the internet and world. ♡ Learning my limits. Due to travel and fun I was constantly on the run. I literally forced myself to hide in my house for a day to sort out my brain.♡ I listened to the entire Justin Timberlake album several times without molesting the nearest man. ♡ I added pink (and blue) to my hair because i’m a fuckin’ boss. ♡ I wrote my Coheed and Cambria story and I am pretty excited about it. ♡ I decided I need to make a proper business plan which I will be doing next week. It’s going to be dope! ♡ Signed up for some brilliant lectures in Brooklyn that I can not wait to attend. ♡ I played a lot of Mario Kart of Nintendo 64!  OLD SCHOOL! ♡ I went to Fashionista and bought this piece of awesome. ♡ Had an amazing conversation with Jamie from Black Girl Nerds. She is my whole heart. ♡ Deciding that being healthy needs to be a full time job. ♡ Getting back to my dance and fitness routine at Work it Dance and Fitness. ♡ Landed tickets to see the yeah, yeah, yeahs in NYC next month. I might faint.


and my final sparkle is pre-ordering these amazing leggings from my friend Monique’s new online store.

I seriously can not wait to get them.

And there you have it, my bunnies! I hope your week was full of awesome, colorful foods, good hair, and dancing.


Keep it sexy, Gotham!


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How to get rid of the winter lips blues.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013


It’s January and winter here on the east coast. Winter typically means the same for a lot of us, super dry, chapped, and un-kissable lips. Lets all face it, with dry cold air and lower humidity our lips get a beating. Chapped lips are not only the most un-sexy but they can also be painful.

Having sexy lips is a desire of most ladies and some dudes. Making this desire a reality is actually pretty simple. Actually caring for your lips as you would for the rest of your skin is the fastest and easiest way to restore the natural moisture of lips. Lip hygiene is just as important as your face, arms, legs, etc. It needs to be handled on a regular basis.

Lip balm it up! I can not express how many lip lotions and potions I have. It’s kind of embarrassing but very much so necessary. Lip balm isn’t only for the winter months, but should be used with the changing seasons. During summer months use lip balms with sun screen of some sort to protect your lips against harmful UV rays. In the winter (and on some cloudy days) you should use lip balm that is enriched with shea butter and glycerin. This will reduce dry and cracked lips.

Stop licking your damn lips! It’s not helping your situation, at all.

Drink lots and lots of water. This is good for ALL of your skin. It also helps with your lip health.

Olive oil is ace! If you’re more of an all natural person and are having a hard time deciding which natural lip product to use, olive oil also works wonders on your lips.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Shed off the dead skin cells from you lips so you always have fresh skin to work with. I do this about every other day.

Citrus is helpful! I eat lemons almost daily (yes, I said EAT) and a while back I was reading that most citrus based fruits help with skin health which of course includes your lips.

Rose water smells awesome and makes you pretty. When cleaning your face, try to spray some rose water on it and let it air dry. Spray a little extra on your lips for additional lip benefits.

Photo by Mike Falzone

Photo by Mike Falzone

Let’s make sweet lip love and listen to death from above now that we have these useful tips to a kissable face during winter season. Do you have any fun winter tips for lips? Do you really want to make sweet lip love?

Smoochin’ you,
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What is wrong with a little “you” time?

Friday, January 18th, 2013


Over the years, i’ve made friends and talked to women that are completely not okay with…touching their own bits. Well, they express that they aren’t okay with it or never want to do so.

Okay, so I am sure there are women (and maybe a small amount of men) that really never masturbate. But for some for women, it’s almost viewed as negative and wrong to want to pleasure yourself. I don’t know where this comes from. Why does society breed people (especially women), to feel guilty about knowing their own bodies? Your alone time with your private parts can actually be one of the healthiest things you can do for your parts. Really? Don’t you want your parts to be healthy? I mean, if a Transformer had a part that wasn’t working properly and he was sent from space to protect you, would you fully trust your life with this robot in disguise? Wait, that might be a bad metaphor. Whatever, let’s go with it.

The point I am trying to make is, you don’t have to be loud and proud of touching your bits but it can be one of the most beneficial things to you and your relationships. Ladies, don’t let society bring shame or guilt for wanting to feel good. That is basically what it boils down to.  Here are some reasons why ‘alone time’ can be a healthy thing for you and your relationships:


❤ Masturbation helps you learn your body. You can figure out what you really need sexually. What are you thinking about when you’re hot and bothered? What works and what doesn’t? This is something that can change within yourself or stay the same for years but it’s best to figure these things out alone. You shouldn’t need someone else there to figure out your own body. It’s your body.

❤ Touching your bits can lead to a healthier you and unit (unit being your lady parts). I think it goes without saying that an orgasm relieves stress and feels great. If you are super stressed out and have a lot of tension, maybe you just need to get off. There is evidence that the chemicals released during orgasm can heal depression. Isn’t that lovely?! Also, gynecologists say that women that masturbate know their bodies more so than someone that doesn’t because you have more one on one time with your vagina. This leads to more visits to the doctor if you know something is up which you would realize sooner than a woman that spends no time with her parts. Healthy is sexy.

❤ The concept being that a sexually active woman need not masturbate is actually not accurate and not cute. Sex with another person is fantastic but touching yourself can be too. Why not have both? I mean, it really doesn’t make sense. If you were at a party, and there was cake AND pie, would you not have the pie because you had cake? I am guessing you would probably have both, or at least take one to go. You don’t go to a concert and watch the encore before you watch the band’s set. You get where I am going with this.  A little indulgence in developing your sexual repertoire will make you a sexier person. Who doesn’t want to be sexy?

I’m happy we could have this little talk. I just find it so weird when I meet a woman that’s like “OH NO! My parts are off limits to myself.” I mean, when you break it down, that’s really what they are saying. So get familiar with yourself. Even if it’s just standing in front of a mirror naked staring at yourself. The more you know your body and are comfortable with it, the healthier and sexier you will be.


Feeling like an adult sex education teacher,

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