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A whole boat of self love.

Monday, January 7th, 2013



Happy Monday Lovies! ❤

I’ve had the completely beautiful blessing of being able to go to two self love events to kick off my New Year. Now, I know that a lot of things aren’t for a lot of people but I for one believe in fixing your energy in order to attract the life that you desire. A lot of people walk about complaining about what is wrong in their lives. It’s just this action that is the reason their lives continue to be shit. Believe it or not. If you continue to think a certain way or not get out of a funk then that is where you will remain. It’s not magic, it’s logical.

Now, I also understand that some people have deeper problems than a self help book or a workshop can correct. For those people, there are therapists and therapy groups that you can join. Most ‘self help’ information should in my opinion be used with other building blocks. These building blocks can be whatever you desire. Such as really good friends, therapy, meditation, yoga, whatever floats your beautiful self love boat. I have a million things in my self love boat that I can bust out when necessary to get me back on track towards a life that I will look back on in old age and feel so blessed and grateful that I had.

On the second day of January, I had the complete honor of going to Gabrielle Bernstein’s first date on her new book tour for May Cause Miracles. This event was hosted by Catch a Healthy Habit A.K.A. my favorite raw food spot in these parts of Connecticut. The event overall was a beautiful experience. Lots of great questions were asked and lots of love filled the small Connecticut theater.

Gabrielle Bernstein CT by Roni Martin

Gabby in CT.  Photo by Roni Martin

What I personally took from this event was, it is your choice to make the life you want. You can read and take part in all of the self help the world has to offer, but what is the point if you’re not putting in the leg work? Taking the initial step to show interest is lovely but it doesn’t get the job done.

Something else valuable that I learned while listening to Gabby is that everything you learn that will be used to improve your life, make it your OWN. Like I mentioned earlier about that self love boat stuff, use it! Build up a self love boat and decorate it however you wish to do so. Take the knowledge and use it for yourself in the best way fit. No one can tell you how to live your life but they can provide you with some helpful tools to get to where you wish to be within your life. Once you create this amazing (and probably overly flamboyant) boat, show up to be the captain. What’s the point of thinking it if you’re not going to bother to show up to guide the damn thing?

Gabby started out the evening with a short and beautiful meditation. It was a great way to fill the room with love and positive energy. Now, a lot of folks find meditation and energy and flowers and dolphins and kittens to all be very weird and out there. It couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth, if anything it is the norm. Here is a short clip from that evening where Gabby also expresses the magic behind meditation and getting your energy right.



Overall, the evening was perfect. I got to meet some lovely people (including Gabby) and it motived me to get my ass in gear for a brilliant 2013. I haven’t began to read “May Cause Mircales” yet due to being full of reading materials but once I tackle the book, I will be doing a review here on my experience. Be on the look out.

Yesterday, I went to a workshop at The New York School of Burlesque. This workshop was on ULTIMATE self confidence.  Because it is held at the New York School of Burlesque doesn’t really mean it’s only for burlesque performers. It’s open to all ladies from all walks of life. To be quite honest with you, it was probably one of the best experiences of my life.


World famous  BOB by Karl Giant

World Famous BOB. Photo by Karl Giant 

The class is taught by the absolute beautiful, World Famous BOB. The moment I met this woman she instantly won my heart with the amount of pink items she had on person. The workshop is designed to build confidence on and off stage. As a whole, women are torn in many directions because of our culture and what we are taught is beautiful. From a very young age, we are filled with negative thoughts about our image, ideas, and what we want in life. This workshop is designed to help keep those demons at bay, so that we are able to play and live a happy and shiny life that we are all supposed to have.

This workshop definitely lives up to the ULTIMATE title and will blow your mind with how intense it is. What I personally took from this workshop is that fear within myself is quite frankly stupid. The fear that I hold within myself, someone else put there. It’s not mine, it doesn’t belong to me and shouldn’t be a part of who I am. This is not to be confused with nerves. Nerves should be used to trigger positive actions within your life, fear is crippling and needs to be replaced for love.

This workshop is held monthly and if you’re able to make it, I would highly recommend it. The registration for February’s class is already up here.  Hurry, it sells out every month because it’s THAT good.

I am grateful both of these events to have taken place within my life only days apart from one another. They both were completely different but I learned a great deal from both experiences. I personally believe that everyone was born to live a life full of awesomeness. Somewhere down the path of life we lose sight of this but, we can build these ideas back up by putting little nuggets of glittery greatness back into out lives.

What does your self help boat look like? Mine looks like a gay pride parade float.

Falling madly in love with this year,
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