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Brutally Happy indeed!

Monday, November 12th, 2012


Some of you America’s Next Top Model fans might remember in cycle 10 they did a Fuerza Bruta inspired photoshoot. By far out of all of the cycles of Top Model, this was one of my favorite photoshoots. It instantly made me interested in the performance that inspired such lovely photographs. For all of you that have no clue what the hell I am talking about, this post is to give you some clarification or make you more confused as to what Fuerza Bruta is. Either way, it should make you somewhat interested in the experience.

Fuerza Bruta is a postmodern theater show that will literally have you wanting to do more with your life or at least dance your ass off for an hour. It’s not only beautiful but a 360 degree giant party. It is a very interactive production that will either leave you covered in confetti, water, or sweat. It sounds gross but believe me, it’s worth it. There are worse things that you could be covered with.

I had the honor of seeing this amazingness in August of this year after hours of dance classes and walking about all day at an art festival. My legs were tired, all my brain could think about was getting a drink, and I didn’t know what to expect. At all. Once the show began, I mustered up any energy I had left in my body to go on the ride of insanity that was about to take place.


We were in a room full of people that looked more like a empty room, club, scary…place? I am easily scared so I was uneasy in a room full of darkness, strangers and smoke machines, but once it began I couldn’t stop saying “This is the best thing I have ever seen!”

The performers basically direct you where you should be going to experience the performance around, above and among you.  I don’t think there was a single moment where I wasn’t saying “This is the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen!” or “I want this to be my job!”. Who doesn’t want to play in puddles for a living? Or make loud sounds at people? I enjoy any chance in life to make something into a party. It’s like a giant party with lots of tribal dancing, men in suits, and a guy in a powdered wig. Yes, a powdered wig.

With all of this said, I have been toying with the idea of seeing the show again before it leaves NYC. They are in their final days of the performance (Ending on January 6, 2013). Hell, I am like 95% sure I am going to go again and wear a rain poncho. Yes, kids you’ll need some form of protection (hey now! It’s not that kind of party.) You will get a bit wet without ruining too much of the experience for those considering to go but you can avoid this by not being among the crazies and standing in the back corners of the room.



Definitely check this show out if you like a lot of dream like scenes with a blast of fun high energy, you don’t mind being around a bunch of strangers for about an hour, you like great electronic (trip-hop/tribal) music, and mostly importantly you love to dance.

Do you dare to be Brutally Happy? Here is a checklist of things I think you should know if you decide to go to this show.

  • Don’t go tired! I made this mistake last time. I wanted to jump around like a fool but spent all the energy I could find on being amazed by what was going on. You will want to jump around and dance like a fool.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. There will be loads of people around you that will be jumping around acting like fool as well and will possibly step on your feet. Also, you will be standing for a bit so ladies (and very fabulous men) think about your shoe choices.
  • Don’t go after you just straightened your hair unless you wear a shower cap.
  • Don’t plan to go to anything fancy afterwards unless you bring a change of clothes. 
  • Don’t accept candy from strangers. This personally didn’t happen to be there but it is great advice.
  • Make sure you’re wearing a good bra.
  • Make friends! A lot of the people that are there are cool people. I mean, you must be the type that only goes to the cool events if you’ve decided to go to this show. Make friends with the people around you because you’re going to be on top of one another a lot so you might as well get to know them.
  • Prepare to feel like you’re on drugs for an hour.

xo, a go go bye,

Latanya Rene