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Wild about Wildberries!

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


I needed to take a minute to give you guys a heads up about this amazing soap I purchased the other day. While we were out and about walking around Portland, we popped in to Memento. The shop was charming, fun,and full of amazing indie handmade products.

There were tons of handmade and organic soaps and I was on the hunt for something new and fantastic for my skin. I then came across the brilliance that isĀ Mistral Soap’s Wild Blackberry. It is heaven in the form of soap!

There are two different sizes in which you can purchase. Since I am away, I bought the travel or petite size. I will definitely be purchasing the soap again online and in regular size. Seriously guys, this soap is to die for.

It seems like Mistral soap has a large variety of bath and body products and I will definitely be looking into the brand. I just wanted to pop in and give you guys a heads up on something wonderful.

I love most European body care,
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