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Ladies Love Cool Tony.

Monday, May 6th, 2013


Oh, Tony Stark. You slay me! I saw Iron Man 3 yesterday and it was by far my favorite in the series. I can’t think of a single thing I didn’t enjoy about the movie. Since i’ve seen the latest blockbuster, it got me thinking in ways in which I probably shouldn’t be thinking. Tony Stark also known as Iron man, is sexy as all hell. Full on, drop dead, fantastical sex bomb, SEXY. I think you would have to be insane to deny this.

What makes this cyber suited superhero the most sexy? Is it that he is a billionaire? Or that he is one of the Avengers? Maybe it’s just that he has a brilliant mind? In my opinion, it’s all of the above.

While he doesn’t always play well with others, Tony Stark definitely has a way with the ladies. He is definitely stranger of “playing the field”. Spending a night with Tony would definitely be a blogger’s (or anyone’s) dream. You would get to meet the amazing Jarvis and that alone is enough to make this genius playboy worth the your time. He might be sporting questionable  goatee but those cheekbones, chiseled physique and eyes make up for the choice in facial hair. Did I talk about how rich he is yet? If I did, it’s worth mentioning again based on his car collection and dream house by the ocean.

Tony Stark 1

I was going to write a proper review of the film because I loved it so much but I really just want to talk about the sexiness of  Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. I mean, RDJ has a crazy to him that is rather sexy, but he was made to be Iron Man.  If anything just go watch the movie to listen to the amazing shit that comes out of his mouth for two hours and a half. Don’t get me wrong, there is a brilliant storyline but the sexy is a great distraction.

To give you a bit of a review of the new film without giving away too much, I hear a lot of internet buzz about loving the movie but geeks can’t just “love” or “enjoy” anything without ripping it apart first. One of the biggest complaints I have heard thus far is,Tony Stark is barley seen wearing the red and gold cyber suit. Yes, this is true but I believe it works for the film. I mean, why do you have to see someone in a suit to have that person be bad ass? Calm down fan boys, calm the hell down.

I enjoyed that Tony in the latest film showed a way more human side that had less of an ego, but it was because he had no choice. Iron Man 3 doesn’t take long to dive into Tony’s demons at all. Without saying too much, his life of fighting crime and being rich was physically getting to him which in turn shows his weaker side. He handled it like a complete cocky bastard and you love every minute of it. I think his weaknesses made him more attractive in a weird way. So guys, if you need to have an emotional breakdown…embrace it and us ladies will possibly embrace your penis. There is something great about a guy being sensitive and in need. Cry once in a while guys, you have my shoulder.

This review turned into a hot man rambling so I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Outside of this review, I needed to feel better about myself after a rough day. I went and spent 5 minutes at Walmart and now I feel like Tony Stark did when he escaped the cave.

Have you seen the film yet? What did you love and what did you hate? Do you find Tony Stark to be as completely hot?

Stay sexy Gotham!

Rosemary, Heaven restores you in life…

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Oil painting by Jonathan LeVine

Painting by Jonathan LeVine

So, I am not entirely normal. I am not sure if you guys were aware of this or not but I am completely not normal. I accept this so I hope you do as well. Here is a perfect example of my crazy, since i’ve been 3 years old my favorite film has been Rosemary’s Baby. Seriously. Everything about it in my eyes is perfect and I thought this from a very, very young age.

Being completely in love with this film, I thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to speak about my love for the film and why you should view it if you’ve never seen it. If the child of Satan doesn’t get you in the mood, I am not sure what will.

As an adult I started to break down exactly what I love about Rosemary’s Baby. I mean I truly adore everything about this film. From the opening credits and theme song sang by the adorable Mia Farrow, to the beautiful cinematography, and shocking ending. I quickly realized, it’s my favorite type of horror. Suspenseful and eerie without any gore at all.

I am not sure if this is true for the rest of the world, but in my opinion this movie is one of the most influential films when it comes to style. From Mia’s Vidal Sassoon pixie haircut, those amazing Peter Pan Collars, baby-doll dresses and adorable flats I fall more and more in love with this movie every time I see it. The outfits definitely help develop the character that is Rosemary while sticking to the trend of 1968. Rosemary is supposed have this innocence that is childlike and somewhat angelic that can easily be corrupted. Well done stylist, well done!


Art by Stefan Obusan

The film contains on the the most perfect house renovations scenes I have ever seen in a movie. When Rosemary and her husband buy an apartment in the fictionalized upper west side Dakota building, I swoon every time I watch. The apartment is bright and cheerful and had a charming mix of uptown traditional and feminine 1960s mod. It would be an absolute DREAM if I could live in the Dakota. I fantasize about that building often and sometimes make it a point to walk past it if I am in the upper west side.

Rosemary’s Baby is a horror film, but I think it is definitely among the tamer films if you’re a bit of an easy scare. It’s more suspenseful than “I’m going to come kill you in the night.” The tension builds and keeps your attention in the best way possible. The plot is one that definitely makes me think. It involves a young couple who are obviously madly in love. It reminds you that love can sometimes become tainted by evil and greed. It always sad when love loses a battle to evil but in the case of this plot and film, at least it was beautifully done.

Currently, Rosemary’s Baby is instantly viewable on Netflix. Snuggle up with someone special and watch it to make it a very not so typical Valentine’s Day. Spawn of Satan is not required.

Happy Birthday Cupid Jesus!
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