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A Diva has to have her stuff.

Thursday, July 18th, 2013


Why hey there! As you guys may know, I am always on the lookout for fun natural and handcrafted beauty products. It is always wonderful putting something on your skin that you know is natural and isn’t secretly killing you.

Recently I was contacted by Diva Stuff which is a business based out of north Florida. All of the products sold are safe ingredients, handmade , and will make you hungry. Honestly half of the products I received I thought to myself “I sort of want this in my mouth.” So yummy smelling!

Diva Stuff was started by owner Kym when she started doing extreme research about all natural skin care products. She educated herself on all skin  secrets from around the world. Kym had taken it upon herself to share these secrets with her friends. When their powers combine they became a team of mega babes that make and sell a line of wonderful products!

Diva Stuff was ever so kind to send me some products to review. As all of you know, I am here to inform you of everything that involves celebrating your life and making everything a party. I can whole heartedly say that these products are a party for your body. The products in which I received were the Thai Coconut And Oxygen 8 Face Cream, the Lemon Derm Facial Firm Lemon-Sugar Face Scrubbies, the Body Buff Sugar Cube Body Scrub which is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with Kiwi Seeds, and Anti Itch Dry Skin Body Lotion in the Light Cucumber Melon Scent.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 1.39.51 AM

The Thai Coconut And Oxygen 8 Face Cream is to die for. It’s super light and leaves your skin feeling so new and fresh. Coconut water is known to decrease the excess oils on your skin to make it look and feel soft, supple, and young. Coconut water can decrease the skin’s aging process and contains cytokinin. I honestly had no clue what cytokinin was until I googled it. It helps regulate cell growth and division within your skin. This product is like magic for my face in every which way. I had to stop typing this just to put some on right now. It is the refreshing wake up that I need in the morning.

On to the Lemon Derm Facial Firm Lemon-Sugar Face Scrubbies! What I love about the scrubbies is they can be used several times if you properly care for them. Realistically, it’s a product that is worth purchasing if you don’t want to have to buy a facial cleanser for a while. You simply have to wet the scrubbie and wash your face and then rinse thoroughly. Vitamin C which is found in lemon is so amazing for your face and complexion. I was super excited to have received this product to review. I actually used the scrubbies once in the morning and again in the evening. I have been using them now for about a month and I can see a major difference in my complexion. It seems brighter and i’m beyond pleased with this product. I wish I would have thought to take before and after photos but I didn’t know it was going to kick major ass like this.

The Body Buff Sugar Cube Body Scrub works very similar to the face scrubbies. One cube can go a long way. You are to use the cube like a bar of soap in the shower and there is enough of the cube to wash your whole body. Each cube probably would last me at least two and a half showers. The’ “flavor” that I have of the sugar cube is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with Kiwi Seeds. When I saw this product I was like “Am I supposed to eat this or wash my body with it?” It seriously looks and smells yummy enough to eat. Luckily, I was able to control myself and use the product as it was intended to be used. The sugar scrubs are excellent for removing dead skin cells and they leave your body feeling amazingly soft and hydrated. A lot of people are not aware that sugar is a brilliant all natural exfoliator and it helps the moisture lock into your skin. I got creative with my cubes and cut some in half and have been using the smaller pieces as a hand soap in my bathroom. My hands have never felt ¬†sexier.

Finally, the last product I tried was the Anti Itch Dry Skin Body Lotion in the Light Cucumber Melon Scent. The scent of this lotion is so clean and wonderful. I have eczema and this anti itch lotion worked wonderfully but I did have to apply it a couple a times a day. In the summer due to sweating and showering at least a couple a times a day, it’s easy for my skin to dry out. I will say that as long as I re-applied the lotion, I didn’t have many problems with scratching so it did it’s job well. I had a friend tell me the other day I smelled like a summer smoothie. I honestly believe it’s because I have been doubling up on this lotion lately.

I also received a hydrating lip balm that I used probably once before my niece stole it. I remember it tasting like gingerbread on Christmas morning and made my lips super soft. Being that my niece decided to make it hers, I would say that it’s a rockin’ product as well. With all of this said, I overall LOVE this line of products and might have become a Diva Stuff-aholic. If you’re always on the market for new and natural products, I would recommend giving this line a go. Super reasonably priced and you will become heavily addicted.

Because I adore you beautiful people so much and want to create a party on your body, I am having my first ever giveaway on my blog! You can be the proud user of some of the ever so fantastic Diva Stuff products valued at approximately $50. I know I have a lot of international readers but sadly this giveaway is restricted to my United States based party monsters. The winner will receive one Frosted Lime Cupcake Fortifying Shampoo 8 oz, one Frosted Lime Cupcake Fortifying Deep Conditioner 4oz , one Rio Rumberry Scented Body Gel with glitter and aloe vera 4 0z, one Brazilian Secret Exfoliating Body Soap Bar, with natural sand 5-6 oz, and Orange Cream Cupcake Scented lavish lipbalm. I mean, one of the products is full of glitter! I am not sure how you couldn’t want something that will make you sparkle?!

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Be sure to spread the word with your friends! The Diva Stuff Giveaway ends at midnight EST on August 1, 2013. One winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter. The winner will be sent an email and will have forty-eight hours to respond. If no response is received within forty-eight hours, another winner will be chosen.

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