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Top 5 Unconventional Holiday Films

Monday, December 10th, 2012



For all of those that know me personally, you know I am an unconventional sort of gal. I am one to take something that is a tradition and make it completely my own. A lot of older people think I am a complete weirdo due to the fact that I can’t be ‘normal’. I’m simply taking something boring and common and putting an interesting spin on it. It keeps life interesting and in my case, very colorful. With that said, I thought I would bring to light the top 5 unconventional holiday movies since it is the season.  Shall we begin?

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

A couple of years ago, I had the complete honor (if you want to call it that) to watch this film on Netflix. For whatever reason, Netflix thought it  was completely okay to have this movie (and a few other Christmas movies for children) streaming for the holidays. Well needless to say, Netflix won that round. Like a trooper I sat and watched this entire film and laughed at the horribleness of it. I would definitely say that if you’re a complete sci-fi nerd, you should check it out. I am not entirely sure this film is available on DVD (especially not blu-ray) but I did just check and it is still streaming on Netflix. It probably will be…forever. You should check it out if you’re into watching bad movies from the 60s for good laughs. And if you’re curious as to what happens when Santa moves his toy factory to Mars. (Trailer)

Die Hard

Nothing says the holidays like being shot, buildings blowing up, and people dropping out of windows. There is some strong language and lots (and lots) of violence so it might not be the best to watch with children but it IS in fact a holiday movie. So many people forget that it is but I think it should make the list of great holiday classics. It is by far not traditional but it does show that the good guy always comes out on top. So get the kettle corn, settle by the fire, and be amazed at how young Bruce Willis was. (Trailer)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I could probably watch this film all year long but I try to keep it to Halloween and Christmas. I don’t know a better way of getting in the holiday spirit than singing along with “Kidnap the Sandy Claws”. Tim Burton can never go wrong in my opinion. Definitely worth adding to your holiday movie list if it isn’t already. It’s fun for everyone involved. Shrunken heads and all! (Trailer)



It’s weird that this film came out the year I was born. Maybe that is why it feels like it dominated a lot of my early childhood. I full heartedly think that this movie took place during Christmas to give the dad of the main character a reason to buy a Mogwai. We have all come to know and adore Gizmo, his face alone should warm the hearts of the Grinchest of the Grinches. I watched this movie the other day and I was actually shocked at the special effects since it was made in 1984. Don’t be fooled by the cute furry Mogwai, this classic might not be great for small children being that the actual Gremlins can be terrifying. I am not sure why I was allowed to watch it as a child.  It is that same feeling you get when you watch Beetlejuice as an adult and think “I shouldn’t have been watching this when I was a kid”. (Trailer)

Bad Santa

There isn’t enough words to describe the amazingness of Billy Bob Thornton in this movie. DEFINITELY one to watch when the kids (and grandparents) have gone to bed. He is by far my favorite disgruntled and creepy department store Santa. An instant raunchy holiday classic to love and keep dear to your heart. I promise you, you will laugh until you nearly pee yourself. Nothing says the holidays like bodily accidents. (Trailer)

If you want to start your own traditions or watch something that isn’t full of the typically holly jolly regularness, I would definitely recommend giving a couple of the movies I listed a try. What are some of your favorite non-traditional holiday movies? Do you like to stick with the traditional classics? Am I invited to your house for undead gingerbread man cookies?

Watching Scrooged because it’s fantastic and not traditional,
Latanya Rene