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Party like it’s your last party.

Monday, February 4th, 2013


I think it’s safe to say that most of us love a good party. The concept of partying is basically a breeding ground for positive energy and good vibes. My personal favorite kind of party is a themed party. Back in December, I had the chance to attend Life in Color: The world’s largest paint party.

Life in Color, formally known as DayGlow is a very large electronic concert with a number of big name DJs. The crowd is usually massive and you dance your ass off while getting sprayed down with neon paint…at the same damn time. You dress in costumes or white EVERYTHING and prepared to get colorful. Guys walk around in complete white suits and ladies dress in skimpy fun outfits (I saw lots of sideboob). The more paint on your person, the better!




Life in Color was started by Sebastian Solano and Paul Campbell. These guys were the kings of themed parties from high school straight into college. Realizing their calling, they dropped out of college and took on throwing professional parties for a living. It sort of sounds like a dream life when you think about it. Professionally partying, pretty brilliant.

The party builds up to the paint. There is a countdown that takes place before you’re sprayed, this way you’re completely ready for what is about to happen to you. In the meantime you can dance and watch aerial performers, dancers, and robots, take over the stage alongside the DJs.











I personally had a great experience, but reading other reviews on the event a lot of people weren’t too happy about Life in Color. If you’re not a fan of crowds, being covered in neon paint, dudebros, super drunk people, basically dancing for 3 hours, loudness, being hit on by EVERYONE, or confetti then Life in Color might not be for you. I personally have a high tolerance for things that aren’t always ideal situations and as long as I am with a good group of friends, I manage.

From my experience, I would give Life in Color three sprinkles filled shot glasses out of five. It had its minor issues but if you go with intention of having a good time, dancing your ass off, and watching some great performers it is totally worth it.

Would you get sprayed down with neon paint? What are some great themed parties that you’ve been to?

Paintin’ it neon,
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