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Welcome to the honey comb!

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Christmas Heads BHive Bridgeport Connecticut Sprinkles and Booze

Why hello there!

I took an unofficial mini break from blogging for about a week. With Thanksgiving and other holiday craziness, I needed to take a breather. I blame it on the boogie, or poor planning but more so the boogie.

the holidays BHive Bridgeport Connecticut Sprinkles and Booze

Man, do I have a whole bunch to get you guys caught up on and will be frantically blogging all weekend into next week. Thank goodness for my honey fix. I mean, I do love honey but in this case I am referring to The B:Hive. Being a member of a coworking space is probably one of the best things that has happened to me this year. Ever since i’ve started a company fueled on my hopes and dreams, I’ve needed the proper setting in which to keep me motivated. If you’re a veteran entrepreneur or new to the scene, a melting pot of great like minded people, brilliant environment, and fun is what is necessary for you to be successful. I promise!

Latanya Rene Barrett 2 BHive Bridgeport Connecticut Sprinkles and Booze

This is especially true since I am purging a ton of my belongings, packing the rest into boxes, and moving (just across town) in a few months. My life has been completely all over the place but knowing that I can escape, collect myself, and work in my office away from home is such a great feeling.

Being a member of a dope coworking space sure as hell beats going to a coffee shop. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee shops for playdates and…well coffee but you can spend hours in a coffee shop surrounded by townies and hipsters, spend $5-$15, and leave feeling like you still have so much to do. Plus, it’s not an office. If you work for yourself I am sure the last thing you want to do is go to a coffee shop to meet with a client or a sponsor. Unprofessional and unclassy!

unicorn fun BHive Bridgeport Connecticut Sprinkles and Booze

The amount of amazing people I meet in my shared office space is intense and so wonderful. It’s refreshing to work alongside people from different industries and backgrounds. I’ve also met folks in which I can collaborate on future projects with. It’s a melting pot of coolness that you wouldn’t necessarily get while working in your PJs at home. In most coworking space, you build a community in which you can have fun and also stay focused.

Anyway, I didn’t mean for this to be an on going rant and rave about my office away from home…or did I?!  I have been here for hours today working on my business ventures of Sprinkles and Booze for 2014 and feel more motivated and blessed than ever. I met some rad new people, listened to some Radiohead, and got a ton of work done today. I feel like it was a Friday well spent and I look forward to many more days of business growth and adventures at The B:Hive.

Lots of updates coming within the next week! Guard your loins, hold on to your knickers, and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

I’ve won this round Friday the 13th!

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Friday 13th

Early last evening, I headed into Manhattan to meet up with a friend for dinner and some drinks. My train arrived to Grand Central and as soon as I exited the building, a monsoon like downpour started. I over heard a man say “I don’t think it has ever rained this hard in New York City before! This is insane.” As I stood there without an umbrella, wearing sandals and trying to hail a cab, I couldn’t have agreed with him more.

A man that was running in to catch a train in Grand Central stopped and asked if I would like to buy his umbrella for $5. I responded with a “HELL YES!” the guy handed over the umbrella in exchange for a 5 dollar bill. I am not sure what the purpose of this umbrella really was because I was already very much so soaked. I was finally able to hail a cab and once I got situated, the driver turned to me and stated that he will take me to my destination but he had a flat tire. Great, not only was it pouring outside but I also had to deal with a cabbie with a flat tire.

The rest of my evening went along decently well and I got home safely but it dawned on me on the train ride home that it was the eve of Friday the 13th. Was all of these misfortunes prepping me for the doom and gloom that Friday the 13th brings?

Being that it’s 2013, I think we can write off Friday the 13th as centuries worth of psychological mumbo jumbo. There is no direct link as to why Friday the 13th got a bad wrap but I can full heartedly express that my Friday has been rather dope!

Today, Friday the 13th I have become part of a group of bad ass entrepreneur kindred spirits. I’m officially a part of the hive, B:Hive to be exact. B:Hive is a coworking and retail space that is the most bad ass! I am easily distracted which doesn’t help as a blogger and pro-party thrower. A very stylish, positive, and bright workspace is what I definitely needed in my life and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the B:Hive family. Becoming a part of this great community not only has been a great way to end my week but also broke the superstition that nothing good can ever come about on Friday the 13th. That’s right Voorhees, i’ve won this round!

How are you spending your Friday the 13th? Do you buy into the superstitions or do you think it’s all rubbish?

Stay sexy Gotham!