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What does Spring taste like in New Haven, Connecticut?

Thursday, February 13th, 2014


Hey Party Monsters! It’s time for Brews & Chews! So what tasty event, food, or booze will I be talking about today? Ladies and gentlemen, you might need to brace yourselves for this one.

Something magical and tasty is springing up for Spring in New Haven, Connecticut. Connecticut’s largest indoor festival will be celebrating two cornerstones of American heritage: Fermented grains & Salted meats. I think it’s an ideal way to kick off the end of a pretty harsh winter. I bring you Connecticut’s 1st Annual 4B Festival!


Craft BREWS, BACON, BOURBONS AND BARBECUE! Did you pass out yet? There will be some of the finest flavors from around the region to excite your taste buds (among other things) in the best way possible. There are no words that can express how excited I am for this event. To be honest, I might be extremely overwhelmed already. I will be attending 4B Festival followed by FUSION UNION: Not Your Mother’s Wedding Expo. Yes guys, it’s going to be an awesome day indeed.

The 4B Festival is already a smash hit! The event sold out so quickly that the organizers had to add a second session. So rad! With all of the ranting and raving on the internet about The 4B Festival, I only found it right to interview the founder David Salinas. Here is the transcript from my interview with the mastermind behind this brilliant festival.

What made you decide that now was the time for 4B Festival to take over the wonderful city of New Haven?

There’s no better time than the present. New Haven is as great of a city as any other major metro in our eyes and we are just trying to do our part to shine a light on the facts.

What are you hoping will come from the Festival?

First and foremost we hope people enjoy themselves. We’d love for this festival to be a regular staple in the region for years to come.

I am expecting this Festival will leave no corner in the world of beer, bourbon, bbq and bacon unturned. With that said, there are a lot of people living a gluten free life. Will there be gluten free options there?

We are doing our best to cover all of the bases. It’s really up to the vendors to bring options like that.

I am definitely a lady that loves the world of booze. Are you one with bourbon and beer? Also, what’s your favorite bourbon and beer?

I am a bourbon fan first and then beer. For bourbon my favorites right now are Colonel Taylor, Eagle Rare and Bookers. As we get into unicorns I would say Pappy Van Winkle or the Michter 20 year. I also love the Eagle Rare 17 year. As we get into beers, I am open to everything but super darks and stouts. They are a little too rich for my taste.

Sprinkles and Booze Bacon

Something amazing that i’ve come to love the flavor of is chocolate covered bacon. It’s probably one of the most wonderful things that could happen to your mouth. Have you tried cooking bacon in beer or bourbon? How was it? Have you tried chocolate covered bacon?

I haven’t had or cooked bacon in beer or bourbon, but I have had bacon beer and bacon bourbon and they were both weirdly delicious. As far as bacon covered chocolate goes, all I can say is mhmm. Bacon anything is pretty much good in my book. My favorite to date was salted bacon caramels.

If a new superhero hit the streets and his name was “Captain Bourbon” what do you think his superpower would be?

I think he would be able to randomly produce American oak barrels that he would heave at villains.

Do you have any superpowers that you wish to share?

I’m pretty amazing at predicting movie and TV plots. Does that count?

There are so many people extremely excited about 4B Fest (myself included). I feel like it’s impossible for this not to be a massive explosion of positive energy and great fun. What are you hoping the city of New Haven gets from the 4B Fest? What experience do you want people to leave the fest with?

We are doing are the best to make sure this a positive energy-filled event. Wherever possible we are looking to add value, so people leave with smiles on their faces. We’ve been getting some grief about the limited tickets, which is disheartening. We sold out the first session in nine days and then added the second session to accommodate more people. One would have imagined that people would have bought tickets earlier, but after 40 days on sale, we sold out. We are doing our best now to add capacity if possible, but if it isn’t a possibility we hope people understand and buy earlier next year.

Needless to say, THIS WILL BE EPIC! Here is a link to some of the vendors that will be there. If you’re attending, then I would definitely check back to see what vendors will be serving up some deliciousness for your face unit. Tell the truth, how much is your mouth watering right now?

Stay sexy Gotham!

A night in Bridgeport, Connecticut with Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Dr. Frank-N-Furter Sprinkles and Booze

On October 25th 2013, Bridgeport Theatre Company time warped back to 1975 and I took in every sequin filled moment of it. I proudly put on some fishnets, a bustle, and some fake lashes and went to the second of the two screenings of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The wonderful Gina Lariccia directed and created the perfect tranny filled evening in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the stage musical.

It has been a while since i’ve been to a screening that was backed by a live performance so my soul and well being definitely needed this. The Rocky Horror Experience is something that if you’ve never been to before, you will never experience anything else like it. It’s one of the only productions that has live action actors and props provided to the audience which leads to audience participation. It’s a wholesome orgasmic experience that you should do at least once in your life.

Rocky Horro Bridgeport 3 Sprinkles and Booze

This was my first time (and definitely not my last) at the Downtown Cabaret Theater. The bring-your-own-everything format definitely added to the overall feel and experience of The Rocky Horror Picture show experience. RHPS gives adults a reason to celebrate, dance, play dress up and time warp the night away. I pray and hope that this becomes a new tradition in the Bridgeport, Connecticut community. It was such a fun and necessary night. As always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

The art of Courtney Love.

Monday, April 15th, 2013


Photos courtesy of my Instagram account

About two weeks ago, I had a friend contact me to let me know about a opening reception at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum. The opening was for their newest exhibition titled Mentoring Courtney Love. The first thing I thought was THE Courtney Love? And the answer was, yes. Courtney Love is also a visual artist and the exhibit is happening right here in Connecticut; so I had to take the hour trip out to northern Connecticut for the opening.

This is the description found on the Lyman Allyn website:

The concept of mentoring is one not often associated with the contemporary art world. Yet artist Courtney Love, best known as a musician, credits artist and photographer David LaChapelle with mentoring her as a visual artist. Love’s work, featured in this exhibition, are all works on paper. They are executed in a combination of pastel, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, charcoal, acrylic, and marker. The works on view are all portraits, including some self-portraits, and this is where we see the relationship between her work and that of her mentor David LaChapelle. While LaChapelle’s photographic portraits are slick and hyper-real, Love’s portraits are sketch-like and spontaneous. Her images are raw and full of emotion, and they bear a resemblance to her music. There is a consistency in vision between her music and her visual art that suggests an authenticity of expression.


One of the most exciting moments of the evening was running into my friend Alison. I haven’t seen her in years and we slightly caught up the best we could since there was Courtney Love frenzy happening.

The art opening was full of excited energy. No matter where Courtney moved, there were an intense amount of people that followed her. I actually arrived rather late and wish I got there early enough to have a longer chat and take a picture with the rocker babe.


At the opening, Lady Love mentioned she has a new single that will be released in May which is pretty exciting. She was dressed in a a short black dress with lace sleeves which I adored. Full of witty one liners, her fans surrounded her and provided positive laughter. There were more announcements and small talk that I sadly was too far away to make out, but the gallery was full of smiles and excitement.

Lady Love’s art actually reminded me a lot of her music. It is mixed media and consists of drawings and writings. From what I can tell, the art screams bad romance. I could be wrong but, it seems as the art was about a relationship that went completely wrong. I am not an art whisperer but, I think that was the overall feel.


At some point in the evening I was able to stand stage right of Lady Love for an extended period of time. She commented on liking my hair and then we were interrupted. A couple of girls approached her and asked if they could have a photo with her. I offered to take their photo if they would return the favor and take one of me with the rocker chick. The story goes, I took the photo, the girls freaked out from meeting Courtney, and ran away. I stood there looking confused and Courtney was like “No worries, I am going to go get something to drink and be right back and we will get your photo”. I waited for about ten minutes for Courtney to come out of a room that the museum provided for her. When she finally opened the door to the room, her and her entourage left the opening. Like, completely left. I was left without a photo or a chance to really talk to her. I at least wanted a hug. Next time Ms. Love, next time!

In addition to Lady Love’s work, there are a few pieces by her mentor, David LaChapelle which are amazingly beautiful. If you’re in the northern Connecticut area the art will be on view through Aug. 10.

Who is excited to hear Courtney’s new single next month? I know I am definitely intrigued!

Stay sexy Gotham!


Silencing in Support of Sandy Hook.

Thursday, December 20th, 2012



With much love,

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