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Fan on, fan pretty.

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

sprinkles and booze sit pretty fan

While typing this post I tried to say “folding hand fan” three times in a row and realized it’s impossible. Can you do it or am I just broken?

Aside from a fun tongue twister, folding hand fans make an elegant, chic, bold statement as a summertime accessory. I recommend that party girls everywhere listen up and take note – we’re about to kick it old school!

Folding fans have been used throughout history. Did you know that these cool devices have been around since at least 4th century BC? They were used in ancient Greece, but people then called them “rhipis”. Ceremonial hand fans were used to keep bugs off of bread and wine in church during the 6th century. In Spain, flamenco dancers used them to accentuate their artistic dancing while looking insanely fabulous. Most cultures and most art forms have taken the simplicity of a hand fan and turned it into something beautiful yet useful.

Throughout the years, hand fans have been used for fashion and practicality. Modern folding fans take the original idea and give them a bright new twist. Bright colors, sexy patterns, and a bunch of options make folding hand fans an obvious choice for a summertime accessory. I became obsessed with folding fans after a burlesque routine I performed for a local magazine party with some of my burlesque babes at Work It Dance and Fitness.

Because I believe in the power of the hand fan (also because I am sick of people side eyeing me for using one on the subway) here are my top 3 reasons why using a hand fan is kick-ass:

Be ever so thrifty. Stocking up on cute fans won’t break the bank. There are tons of places where you can buy a lot of them in assorted colors. Also Etsy has a ton of beautiful hand made options. Go crazy, go nuts! .

❤ Handy dandy.  If you’re on the subway and the power goes out you might feel pretty lucky that you’ve packed your most useful accessory. Stay cool AND pretty while everyone else swelters. You could even become a superhero and help others stay cool. Be the change you wish to see in the summer!

❤ Never out of style. I personally think that people stare when I use a hand fan because even though they’ve been around for ages, they aren’t the norm in North America. For the most part I’ve had strangers tell me how smart I was to have brought one or how beautiful my fans are. Pick a color or pattern to compliment your ensemble or just go with a fan that you’re “feeling” that day. I tend to just grab whatever tickles my fancy. 

This post is simply a shout out to an accessory that has held it’s own for centuries. It is definitely something that should should be celebrated and I am happy to have introduced them into my norm. Stay cool, stay pretty and always….

Stay sexy Gotham!
Digital Art by David Van Allen.