Sweet treats in New York streets.

The days are getting warmer and with warm weather more outdoor activities take place. I LOVE the summertime in NYC. From the block parties to the amazing fashion trends in the city, everything just seems to be all about being happy and celebration. I dig it and it’s rather lovely.

This weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to go on The Cupcake Tour of New York. I mean, how perfect does ANY cupcake tour sound. I can’t see how I could pass up a tour of the most adorable cupcake shops in New York City. I wanted ALL of the cupcakes and luckily some of them were small enough to leave room for the massive cupcake we got at the end of the tour.

guide sprinkles

Our wonderful tour guide was adorable and super informative. Each tour includes 6 food tastings and the cupcakes grow in size as you go to each location. So you start out with adorable bite sized treats and end with a massive chunk of sugary cuteness. The tour size was decent and not overwhelming, which made it easy to keep up from location to location. It would be wise to wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing because you will be walking for a couple of hours and possibly going into sugar shock.

baked by melissa

The first stop on the tour was at the wonderfully adorable Baked by Melissa. This bakery was founded in August 2008 by Melissa Bushell. She started the bakery after losing her job due to the recession. If everyone had the same sort of reaction that Melissa had after losing her job and made a kick ass bakery, the world would be a happier place!  The bakery is known for their tie-dye cupcakes. I took it upon myself to give the tie die cupcake a try. You know me and anything colorful. It was fantastically tasty. All of Melissa’s cupcakes are basically like cupcake hors d’oeuvre. They are super tiny and pretty wonderful.


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking what does gelato have to do with cupcakes? The answer is nothing. If you ever get a chance to try the gelato at Amorino, you will understand why this was an important part of the tour. I almost fainted at the mango celebration that took place in my mouth. It was the perfect treat on a warm day.


Crumbs is definitely one of the larger chains of the cupcake shops that we went to. I had a fun sized vanilla cupcake cake with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. I am super excited that they introduced “Crumb Pops” to their menu. I was interested in trying one but thought it would be a bit much to buy an extra thing to eat while on a cupcake tour.

molly's cupcakes

Molly’s Cupcakes is where the custom makin’ cupcake action took place. You basically pick the cake flavor, pick a frosting, and then dress it up with sprinkle toppings. I got vanilla cake and sadly can’t remember what frosting I picked. I was super excited about my cow shaped sprinkles. Out of all of the cakes I had while on the tour Molly’s was definitely my favorite. The cupcake shop is supposed to remind you of elementary school. There were swings for seats and vintage lunch boxes scattered about the bakery. It was nostalgic goodness for your face unit.


After reading about the West Village bakery Milk and Cookies, it turns out they do in make cupcakes but it wouldn’t be right to go there and NOT have a cookie, right? On the tour we all got a oatmeal white chocolate and sea salt cookie which I actually saved until the next day. BOY,  it was a piece of magical heaven. I ate it around noon on a Monday during a rainstorm with milk and it was one of my most perfect moments so far this week. I am a sucker for awesome window displays and Milk and Cookies had a beautiful display that made me not want to leave. Not to mention, the inside of the bakery smells like what dreams are made of. I definitely will be planning some NYC playdates at Milk and Cookies in the future. It felt like home.

magnolia bakery

I’m pretty sure it would be close to impossible to have a NYC cupcake tour and not stop at Magnolia Bakery . They are known for their super popular red velvet cupcake. It was actually my first time having it and it was worth the red stained teeth.

All in all I give the tour 5 out of 5 sprinkle filled shot glasses! It was fantastic. I love the tour guide, I loved the day, I love the bakeries, I love the knowledge of NYC history shared, it was the perfect blend of an experience. I think the tour would be awesome for a date outing or a Sunday afternoon activity. Get out there and get some frosting on your faces! Make me proud!

I got super hot and sweaty during the trip and here is the lovely photo that I took after putting in my hair in a braid because it was getting massive from the summer elements.

nyc sweaty

Super sexy, huh?! Would you take a cupcake tour of Manhattan? Have you been to any of these bakeries? What were your thoughts?

Stay sexy Gotham!

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