Suits & Ties for all.



While everyone was still rolling around in the glow of the Golden Globes, I was excited about something I have been waiting for, for years. Like a proper fan girl, I stayed up until midnight last night for the big Justin Timberlake news. After 6 very long years, Mr. Timberlake finally is releasing a new album.

Last evening, he dropped the Timbaland produced “Suit & Tie” and flavored it with Jay-Z.  It made a delicious and smooth treat. The buzz on the internet is that people think otherwise. They either feel like it should have had a greater “POW!” or are simply confused by the song.  I don’t know why people are complaining honestly, I think that just hearing new music from Justin Timberlake would be enough to have you swaying.

I think the song is different with the classic JT we all love to move it to. What are your thoughts? Are you putting on your suit and tie or are you sticking to jeans and a t-shirt? Is Justin back for all of us to love and enjoy or did he completely miss the mark?


Looking for a bow tie,

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