Stones, beautiful stones!


Recently, I found out about PELLE Design Studio in Brooklyn, NY and completely fell in love. Designers Jean Pelle and Oliver Pelle are the power couple behind this stunning studio in which they create lighting, furniture, interiors and architecture.

What made me fall in love with their work is, like myself, they look for the beauty in all objects. They observe and rethink the objects and space around them to create a new form of beauty within the world. I’m all for finding the unique in materials in the world around us so once I learned about this wonderful duo I was like, “SIGN ME UP!”.

If you want a piece (or more) of their works of art that is even usable, I believe you’re looking for a soap stone. I’ve recently purchased a few of these stones and they are for decorative purposes or use. Being the Princess Unicorn that I am at times, I definitely wanted to give them a go in my daily shower routine. I am currently using the Aquamarine and it’s a complete dream. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are showering with a precious gem.

The soap leaves your skin very soft and smooth, which is a great bonus. The glycerine soaps are handcrafted, all natural, and have vegetable-based ingredients. The palette for the stones are inspired by natural gemstones and come in a wide variety of vibrant and brilliant colors. They are infused with essential oils so on top of all of this, they smell WONDERFUL.

Get your stone on, and be decorative! Put them on display in your living room or next to your sink in the bathroom. Spread them about in your house and tell people they’ve leveled up when they find them in random places. Or simply wash yourself. Whatever you wish to do with your soap stones, it’s going to be a beautiful and fun venture.

sprinkles pelle

Are you ready to shower like a Prince or Princess Unicorn? Which color stones are your favorite? Please tell me you’re going to hide them randomly around your house to make a your own RPG.

Stay sexy Gotham!


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  1. Violette Libelle says:

    Those are really pretty! I think I’m going to order some! Colorful and smell good too? NICE. It’s a win, win!!! 🙂

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