Stiff drinks and dead dudes.


Last weekend, Jaymz and I decided to head over to Movie Madness to rent a film to watch for the evening. As we were leaving the store, I noticed the most amazing poster ever. It was like all other lights dimmed in the store and a spotlight hit the poster on the wall and “Dreamweaver” softly started playing. It was a promotional poster for an on stage performance of “Weekend at Bernie’s“. One of the oddest, amazing, brilliant films of the 80s.

Instantly, I wanted to watch Weekend at Bernie’s one AND two. The second one is my personal favorite of the two but I think others beg to differ. We both instantly thought “We must go to this performance opening night!”. We soon were on the internet, buying tickets. To prep for the amazing-ness that was going to take place before our very eyes, we decided to watch the two films. I was praying and hoping that the live action performance would include some of the amazing zombie action that took pace in the second film.

In case you’re not familiar of the story, here is a quick summary of the plot of the film. Richard and Larry are two coworkers (friends) that work for an insurance company that is run by a super wealthy, fabulous, and successful man, known as Bernie. Richard discovers a $2 million dollar scam going on within the company and him and Larry decided to bring it to their boss’s (Bernie) attention. Bernie assures them that they are amazing and that he will award them nicely after going over the details of the said ‘scam’ and invited them out for the weekend to his Hampton Island beach house. This is where it gets dramatic, campy, and full of zombie. With this description, it should be enough to make you want to see the film if you for some reason have never taken part in this 80s masterpiece.



So how was the stage performance of the cult classic? Fantastic, I say! The cast was fun, most of it was true to the plot, it was witty, and there was tons and tons of energy. There was even a fantastic Bernie sex scene. It was necessary and amazing. Sean McGrath who played Larry even had the mannerisms of Andrew McCarthy. It was simply magic!

The play was held at the Funhouse Lounge. It’s a small bar/theater but it’s so ideal and perfect for this production. The drinks were brilliant and the bartenders were amazingly sweet. The show isn’t very long, it was about an hour and 10 minutes or so. You’re informed to get a double on your drink since there isn’t a intermission. They make your drinks, good, strong, and delicious.


Overall, I would give the play four and a half out of five sprinkle filled shot glasses. It would have gotten a full five shot glasses if it had some of the zombie dancing action that happened in the Weekend at Bernie’s sequel. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the Portland area. It has a short-run and the remaining performances are Thursdays-Sundays through March 3. You can purchase tickets here!

Still have the Weekend at Bernie’s theme stuck in my head,
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