Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Spring is dope!


Spring Heart Sprinkles and Booze

Spring has been in the air and I am loving it. Beautiful weather, luscious colors, and more social events. I am in love with what is happening all around me. This week definitely was full of tons of things to fall in love with so this is going to be a wonderful Sprinkles vs Sparkles!


Fabulous on a Budget talked about celebrating 67 years of black lingerie and a great sale to add more to your collection.

♡ I am completely obsessed with sunglasses with flowers and more than likely will be making my own in the near future.

♡ This adorable outfit post from Scathingly-Brilliant. A friend has somewhat been inspiring me to do make-up and outfit posts more often. This outfit post is an extra kick in the ass.

♡ David Bowie can do no wrong! He released a collection of his vintage videos online.

♡ I found out that Grumpy Cat had a birthday and is a fellow Aries like me.

♡ How amazing in this post?

♡ Reggie Watts has a new channel with JASH on youtube.

Divine was so divine!

♡ I LOVE this amazing post that Kat wrote this week.

Spring Deer Sprinkles and Booze


♡ Went comic book shopping which is always relaxing for me. ♡ Saw Evil Dead and loved it! ♡ I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for the first time. ♡ I am rather sure the Black Girl Nerds podcast changed my life this week. So good. ♡ I had a nice long playdate with a friend at Starbucks. ♡ Had morning yoga in a beautiful home. ♡ Made new friends and a met a handsome cat. ♡ Signed up for online marketing classes. Gettin’ my learn on. ♡ Did research on cleanses and what my next cleanse should be. ♡ Had a great conversation with a friend about living his purpose. ♡ Spoke with  someone about their event planning project. It’s refreshing meeting people that want to help others. ♡ Twerked it to David Bowie in my bedroom.

I look forward to the weekend. So many amazing things planned! What will you be doing this weekend?

Stay sexy Gotham!



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