Sprinkles vs Sparkles: PDX stylin’.


So, i’ve been in Portland, OR for a week and two days and I must say it is LOVE! Like mind-blowing sex in a cushion fort sort of awesome.

It’s been a few weeks since i’ve posted a Sprinkles vs Sparkles due to the fact that i’ve been running around like a crazy person for days on end and I didn’t have time to compile all that is awesome from the week. But here we are folks get ready for the awesome and all that is good. For those that aren’t sure what the hell I am talking about at all, Sprinkles vs Sparkles is sort of my version of a gratitude list but more hyper active. I will share my weekly Sprinkles which will consist of things i’ve found via the internet (and off of the internet) during the week that I loved and my Sparkles which will be all over my personal achievements towards goals and wonderful things within my personal life.

So let’s get to it then!



♡ This Vine video by Reggie Watts made me smile.

♡ Mandy’s post on Tuesday was luscious and wonderful. I love the photos. So beautiful. At some point in my life I need to make a trip to Wood Street galleries.


I don’t think I have to explain why this gif is amazing!

♡ I went to a live stage performance of Weekend At Bernie’s which was AMAZINGLY good fun. There will be a full review on the show very soon.

♡ This amazing dress from TopShop might need to happen in my life at some point.

Check out this cute video introducing Sephora’s Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop collection! I DIE!

Jaymz and I have been watching tons of Nostalgia Critic and how i’ve missed it so.  If you haven’t seen any of his amazing videos I would recommend starting with this one.



♡ If you can’t tell from the photo above. I became the hulk for a little while. ♡I wrote a fun review for a fun store! Completely in love with Sock Dreams. ♡ Had a wonderful conversation with Emily of Fishee Designs. That girl is love. ♡ Making some top secret and super amazing Sprinkles and Booze plans. Can’t wait to share it with you guys. ♡ Will be going to this amazing convention today. ♡ My new cat ears are love and I might wear them everyday of my life. ♡Everything I ate this entire week was full of delicious awesome. ♡ Created magical positive vibes with Violette of Sensuette. The world needs more people like her. ♡ Watched a lot of things involving Weekend At Bernie’s. ♡ Survived whatever virus Jaymz had. Ebola possibly? ♡ Saw Coheed and Cambria…yes again. They are my favorite. ♡ Boobs!

Have a great weekend guys! Go out and be little warriors!

All we need is love and a good spanking,

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  1. xandra says:

    I did see that Top Shop dress and I did think of you. Ah, I should have said! I’m glad you found it anyway 🙂

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