Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Lost in the valley of the dolls


I’m mega tired after a crazy yet brilliant week. I will be in NYC all day for food, booze, comic books and Evil Dead. This is a very brief but necessary Sprinkles vs Sparkles. This message is brought to you by Batman. Remember kids…always brush twice a day.

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♡ Roger Ebert you will be missed like woah. You were an amazing inspiration.

♡ I want all of these prints. How freakin’ adorable!

♡ These NSFW extreme plastic surgery photos are intense.

♡ Because of Gala, I totally want to try the clean program.

♡ And we officially have a date!

This trailer is basically perfect.


♡ I completed the entire series of Lost again. It was my first time watching it all the way from beginning to end and it was brilliant. ♡ I spent the first half of the week turning into a zombie with some odd sickness that I got over. ♡ Got tons of chocolates from the Easter bunny. ♡ Got love from Taylor herself because of my review on her shoes. ♡ Ate cupcakes. ♡ Was a part of the Blogcademy Q&A and it was splendid.  ♡ I turned a year older. ♡ Got a little more serious about my LinkedIn profile. ♡ Landing a ticket to Mentoring Courtney Love: David LaChapelle & Courtney Love and I can not wait to go.

Stay sexy Gotham!


In case you can’t get enough of my crazy ass, I also appeared in these places:

I was part of a two hour Black Girl Nerds podcast which involved all things Walking Dead. So good!

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