Sprinkles vs Sparkles: I am finally watching Doctor Who.



So I am finally taking the plunge and watching Doctor Who for the first time. I am leveling up my nerd status. I am still on the first episode. I must say, no one warned me that this was going to be terrifying. It’s amazing, but pretty terrifying. I can’t wait to see what the series has to offer.

This week has been pretty glorious and I am falling in love with these beautiful Spring days, more and more. I can’t believe we are wrapping up the month of April. 2013, where are you going?! With the end of the week comes the always fabulous, always random, Sprinkles vs Sparkles.


I feel like this informative video on crystals goes well with my post on gemstones.

♡ I love The Blerd Manifesto.

♡ How adorable are these dresses?

♡ These humanized Princess portraits sort of blew my mind.

♡ I want to make jewelry out of barbie doll heads and my friend told me about this amazing designer.

♡ I love these amazing date ideas.

♡ Such a precious recap of The Blogcademy in LA.

♡ How adorable are these pen cozies?

♡ You have to check out this completely unique and Trekkie wedding.

♡ How adorable is this embroidery?

♡ I don’t know who a lot of these guys are but I LOVED this list and I used to have that poster of Erik Von Detten.

♡ There are far to many reasons to list as to why I adore Uncool Aaron but this was added to the list.


♡ I am part of an amazing project called The-Reimagining. Every other month we all get together for a bi-monthly salon held by Ijeoma. I went to my first one a couple of weeks ago and it was a dream! ♡ I watched this video of Yeah Yeah Yeahs at this year’s Coachella about a million times. ♡ I went to one of the dopest burlesque shows i’ve been to in a long time.  ♡ I bought vintage Ninja Turtle toys from my childhood. ♡ I spent hours being super silly just so I don’t take myself that seriously. ♡ Networked with some brilliant event planners so I can start my own geek-glam event planning myself. ♡ Satan made an appearance on my Instagram. ♡ Had a cupcake/tea party with a close friend. ♡ Tried Moonshine for the first time while listening to the Beatles. ♡ I went to a carnival and ate all of the cotton candy. ♡ Sat in nature with a good friend and remembered how beautiful my surroundings are. ♡ I bought a new David Bowie shirt in which I am in love with. ♡ Ate swedish fish before yoga, like a boss. ♡ I bought and tried powdered peanut butter and loved it. ♡ Went to Shake Shack and didn’t order the entire menu.  ♡ Saw Evil Dead for a second time.

Well I am off to dream about the cupcake tour in which I am going on in Manhattan tomorrow. I am pretty sure it’s going to be as magical as I am imagining it is going to be.

Stay sexy Gotham!


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3 Responses to “Sprinkles vs Sparkles: I am finally watching Doctor Who.”

  1. Reese says:

    Yes. I love Dr. Who. Seriously if I could I would marry Matt Smith. My fiance is well aware of my obsession, so it’s cool. Would love to hear what you thought of the show. You should go back to the beginning so you’ll understand what’s going on. The whole series is on Netflix, even dating back to the first Dr.

    You can find me @ http://www.beingreese.com
    or tweet to me @reese22.

    Let me know what you think about the show


    • You think I should start with the original series? I fell off the Dr. Who train since I wrote this post and was going to start up again but if you think I should go back to the one from the ’60s or whatever time period it came out then I will definitely give it a go.

      Also…I love your blog. <3

  2. hey. you have a pretty good post there mate.

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