Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Dream, dream, dream.


It’s the end of the week and the beginning of a new month. March is among my favorite months for many reasons. Spring is in the air, it’s my birth month, people start coming out of their houses more, and everyone is ready to start fresh.

My March begins with me going to Seattle for a couple of days. Pretty excited to experience this wonderful city for the first time. I’m sure it’s going to be everything I want it to be.

So how was my week you may be wondering. It was full of harlem shaking and fantastic-ness. I am going to share my Sprinkles vs my Sparkles with you guys. My Sprinkles are always things that I loved within the week and the Sparkles are achievements I am especially proud of. Let’s rotate the circle shift and keep it going!





They can’t all be the best Harlem Shake video but Azealia…girl did you work it in this one. She is completely brilliant.

♡ Kaelah Bee is running an amazing contest that all of my ladies should check out.


How cute is this photo of Drew Barrymore?! So cute.

♡ Love this look on Gabi’s blog this week.

♡ Here is another outfit post but I couldn’t resist when it involves an outfit covered in Bart Simpson. Thank you for sharing Anastasia Siantar!

♡ While I am obsessing over outfits check out this video. Just a great way to include a superhero shirt and look chic.

♡ How awesome is this wedding invitation? Pretty amazing, right!

♡ I just read this amazing post by the lovely Gala and had to share it. Always go your own way.


♡ I went to one of the best cinemas in all of the United States known as Cinetopia. ♡ I ate a bunch of lemons which is a great week for me. I enjoy eating lemons. ♡ Went on random Portland adventures and found this wonderful shop. ♡ Played some classic video games at Ground Kontrol. ♡ I got to drink a ton of dirty Shirley Temples and ate vegan nachos.  ♡ I started using my new purse notebook. ♡ I had the chance to go to the wonderful Powell Books. ♡ I bought this because it was necessary. ♡ Did a ton of Sprinkle and Booze improvement research which is always satisfying.  ♡ I am more than likely going to be buying this for myself for my birthday. ♡ Had relatively vivid and intense dreams that were all amazing. ♡ I gave a good friend a proper pep talk about her future company which will definitely be brilliant. ♡ Made a ton of style boards in which I am proud of. ♡ Told a guy in a restaurant he dropped his wallet. ♡ Pet adorable tiny dogs. ♡ Shared my Betsey Johnson love with a stranger.  ♡ Gave a hug.


What did you love this week? What are you proud of? What do you have planned for next week? Next week is my final full week in Portland for a little while and then I am back to the East coast and have a lot to do when I get back. So many dreams to make a reality and so little time.


Shimmy, shake it and keep it rollin’,

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 6.05.55 PM

P.S. I contribute on a couple of other blogs, so I will include links to other posts at the end of the week that you should also check out.

I talked about my experience being brown in Portland on Black  Girl Nerds. Check, check it!



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