Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!


We wrap up another fabulous and super busy week. Next week is going to be a insane one but, i’m ready for it. There will be lots of traveling back east, only to head to Boston almost right away. I am going to see my favorites boys in Coheed and Cambria. I will be seeing them two days in a row, which will make 305 Coheed and Cambria shows that I have attended. I know. I am insane.

Anyway, here is this week’s Sprinkles vs Sparkles! Enjoy!


♡ How good was this week’s The Walking Dead? Definitely my favorite thus far for this season.

I loved hearing Mike Falzone’s story on how he became a youtube superstar!

♡ Very much so loved this Bad Rabbits interview.


This awesome fan art that Jaymz did for for the webcomic series “The Ghost with the Most”.

   Chescaleigh you’re always amazing.

♡ Gala’s “Blog on, babe” tip today was amazing.

♡ Danielle always has a way of winning my heart.

This is just insane and I love it.



♡ Staying at the super awesome Hyatt Hotel in Seattle. I seriously love staying in hotels. ♡ Going to the Seattle and surviving the massive Comicon that took place there. ♡ Buying new art for my wall and yes, it also includes Beetlejuice. ♡ Bought wonderful yummy smelling products for my body. ♡ Walked around Portland and found fun and interesting shops. ♡ Went to the Sock Dreams HQ and had far too much fun. Love everyone there! ♡ Brainstormed on what the hell I am going to do with myself over the next year. ♡ Found out that unicorns do exist. ♡Got a drink and day dreamed with the wonderful Shauna. ♡ Was a part of the first ever Black Girl Nerds podcast. ♡Bought magical stones and crystals. ♡ Had a drunk guy tip his bike helmet to me and wished me goodnight. ♡ Had a mini chat with Femke. I miss you so much girl.


It was a very exciting and loving week. I hope you had an awesome one as well. On to the next…



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I like to contribute…

Read about how I feel on brown girls with rainbow hair and being a part of the Rhythm Nation.

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5 Responses to “Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!”

  1. Chelle says:

    loved the podcast! i look forward to ya’ll doing that two hour walking dead podcast….just make sure you bring the daryl love into the chat! hehe.

  2. Danielle says:

    Thank you so much for the link to my cupcake post! I appreciate it lots! 🙂
    Ahhh I love Beetlejuice, that is awesome!

  3. Love your site and bet your night out with Shauna was ace! your Random Posts of Happy are just great! You are a most talented lady x

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