Seattle, I love you but you’re bringing me down…


We just arrived back to Portland where I will be for another week and a half. I enjoyed the beautiful city of Seattle. The only complaint I actually have about the entire experience is that I couldn’t be there longer. Other than that, I almost instantly fell in love. I am very much so the type that can pick up the energy and feeling of places (and people) and I was definitely smelling what Seattle was steppin’ in. That might not be the proper metaphor but I am tired and thinking about unicorns. I suppose that is really no different than any other day.

There will be a proper review of the Seattle weekend for sure. It will go up either later this week or early next week.Get ready for a massive photo overload in the best way possible.

My weekend involved a lot of booze, food, wonderful nerd-dom and lots of great exhibits. I wanted to review someone who definitely is a talent. I am referring to Jason Fisher. I had the honor of speaking to him for a second time this weekend. I met him originally last weekend at the Portland Comicon. He was actually the person that informed us about the Seattle Comicon and it just so happened to be on the weekend we were planning on making the trip.

I find Jason to be super nice, talented, AND stylish. Those things are super hard to come by in one human form. It is possible he is a robot but he is super nice so that can’t be true. Can it? His artistic style is rather unique but it makes you smile. His use of colors will definitely draw you in and make you want to look at more. I am a sucker for bright colors and interesting subject matters. Speaking of interesting subject matters, if you go poking around on his website it might not all be SFW so be careful.

Sadly, I do not have any of his comics (yet) but I couldn’t leave these two prints behind. They are brilliant and I took a picture of them while I was sitting on the convention center floor resting my tired convention legs.


I am definitely a fan and when you get a moment you should check out his work. At least get this brilliant burger patch from his online Etsy shop because it’s adorable. I wanted one but mentally couldn’t think about where I would put it. I will find a place and I will be buying one. So cute.

I give Jason and his work five out of five sprinkle filled shot glasses. He is talented, charming, and sweet. You seriously couldn’t ask for more! Thank you for being wonderful and unique, Jason!

Planning on recovering from a long weekend with some retail therapy,
Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 6.05.55 PM



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