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Happy Christmas all! There is no better way that I want to express my love for you guys than offering an amazing giveaway for RoseGal!

RoseGal is a completely adorable online shopping website with thousands of wicked affordable products. The online shop carries everything from casual to cocktail. I am sort of in love with the website to be quite honest.

RoseGal was started by a group of friends that shared the same passion for stunning clothes and fashion, specifically the endless possibilities that vintage and modern apparel can offer. With the holiday spirit in mind mixed with a hot  fashion, I want to offer you guys one item worth $20 from RoseGal.

Here are some of my favorite items currently on the website! It was honestly pretty hard to pick favorites but here are some rad items that you might also enjoy (for under or around $20).

Party Purple

Party Sparkling Glitter and Candy Color Design Women’s Evening Bag

Sexy Vintage Floral Print Flounce Top + Layered Skirt Twinset With Belt For Women

Sexy Vintage Floral Print Flounce Top + Layered Skirt Twinset With Belt For Women

Cute Bear Ear

Cute Bear Ear Design Hooded Long Sleeves Women’s White Faux Fleece Coat

There are literally thousands of items on the website so take your time so take a look and see how you would want to spend your free $20 credit. Curious as to how you can win? Check out the options below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I look forward to hearing about what you guys would do with a $20 credit to a kickass online boutique! GOOD LUCK and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

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  1. love your blog,I think you have a very sool name,Latanya Rene..I love it…anyways I super duper like this dress…=) Vintage Scoop Neck Floral Print Sleeveless Slimming Women’s Dress here’s the link:

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