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For all of you that don’t know, I am a complete sucker for a good podcast. I recently befriended a couple of the boys from Seven Days a Geek . I am not sure how I lived life properly without this podcast in my life. I am also amazed at the friendships that blossomed because of it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was involved in a impromptu episode of Seven Days a Geek. It was rather late and I received a skype call from my favorite Australian. He asked if I was ready to podcast. I was like “You mean at some point in the near future?” and he said “Yes!” By near future he meant, within the next few minutes. This is what happens when geeky people are up late at night with a internet connection and technology.

The podcast began with a bunch of random ramblings and was perfect. We had a chat about my thoughts on “Man of Steel” and how insanely sexy the film is (Ladies, I know you know what I am talking about!).  And we covered more fun topics from X-men to our least favorite film re-makes. You can give a listen either here or here.

Typically on Wednesday evenings, there is a Listen and Tweet where you can live tweet the latest episode on Twitter.   This is usually hosted by Angry Ginger. We held the Listen and Tweet for this episode last week and I was laughing at everything that took place during our crazy conversation all over again. I am all about these silly podcasting boys!

Seven Days a Geek is growing and becoming more awesome as they takeover the internet. With this said, Oz is trying to get his bum to the states from Australia to make a film, record in the fantastic Monkey Poo Studios with his fellow geeks, sightsee, and punch a koala while taking the “land of the free” by storm. This will definitely be a test to see if we truly are home of the brave. All jokes aside, Oz is brilliant! He is ridiculously funny and super talented. Currently, there is a campaign to help fund Seven Days a Geek’s next big step which involves bringing Oz to the U.S. of A.

I would recommend giving the current podcast a listen. Once you’re done listening, listen to some of the past episodes! Once you realized you’re about 5 hours into listening to these guys and wanting more,  it would be smashing if you could toss them a dollar or two to help the Oz: Downunder & Up Top campaign. I think there is always room to do something great and support wonderful people. Check out the details of the campaign here and definitely contribute. Get some more funny/geeky goodness in your face and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!


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