My Geeky-Glam Obsession: Revivemeboutique


Why hello there!

I am sure a few of you caught on that I am a total comic geek. When you can combine my love for glam and geek I basically lose my damn mind. For months now, I have been obsessing over Revivemeboutique. Revivemeboutique is a completely custom online boutique in which you can buy phone cases, bags, shoes, among many other brilliant accessories. Jenny, the owner of Revivemeboutique, understands how to properly blend geek with chic and I am in love with her designs.


I have never been a fan of boring cocktail attire or bridal party dresses. Revivemeboutique accessories are complete inspiration. These accessories are perfect if you are looking for a more edgy but formal look. How bad ass would your maid of honor look if she was sporting a Spiderman clutch and some red pumps. I love accessories that help you to think outside of the box. Make your formal events special and memorable.


Batman clutches for the win! Everything about Batman is pretty much perfect. Jenny’s custom designs are made from recycled magazines and comic books. She is pretty genius at taking something that you’ve always loved and making it something completely new and glamours.




In the very near and dear future, I will be placing a custom order with Revivemeboutique. I need a million plus Batman items for photoshoots and events in the like. No worries, I will be sure to take a million Instagram photos once I have my items.

Currently Revivemeboutique has a website in the works but for now, you can contact Jenny on Facebook and also Twitter if you can’t live another day without one of these custom geeky beauties! You honestly can’t go wrong with posh superhero accessories. You will be the talk of your next event in the best way possible.


What are your thoughts on Revivemeboutique? Do you need to be revived from all of the awesome I just thrown at you?

Stay sexy Gotham!

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