Professional Party Thrower Manifesto.

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Event planning is very new and exciting for me. I have never thought of anything more perfect and wonderful as a career path for myself. Last night I wrote my “Professional Party Thrower Manifesto” and now it’s time for me to share it with your lovelies.

I believe in sparkly beverages and glitter filled rooms. I believe that we should celebrate life everyday and invest in our ultimate happiness. I believe in smiles for miles and spreading love. I believe in manifesting celebration from the inside out daily and looking and feeling your best. I believe in someday taking over (or just traveling) the world to spread color, fun and of course #sprinklesandbooze. I believe that every joy within life is a blessing and we should always embrace those joys. I believe in being playful yet elegant and sometimes geeky. I believe in coloring outside the lines. I believe in bespoke and being fabulous. I believe in always being unique and always being yourself. I believe there is no celebration that is too small or too ridiculous.

There is nothing wrong with a little manifesto action on a Sunday morning. To celebrate life, you, and the love of LUSH Cosmetics, I am hosting a giveaway on Mish Lovin’ Life and you could win a $50 LUSH gift card. I can’t think of a better cosmetic line to get a party started. Click here to check out the contest and enter!

Stay sexy Gotham!

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4 Responses to “Professional Party Thrower Manifesto.”

  1. DanaBelle says:

    I love that manifesto! Perfection.

  2. Chris says:

    So glad you’re doing parties now!

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