Pow Chicka Wow Wow.


I am part Native American and sometimes traits from my heritage sneak up on me in the most fantastic of ways. In American Indian culture, women would get together weekly from different tribes and talk about their lives and any problems. This gathering is known as a pow wow. The pow wow would be used to seek help from one another and advice on how to deal with whatever issue may be at hand. One major rule to this gathering is after a few weeks, if the issue is still heavily in your life or you are still talking about it, you need to resolve the issue or stop talking about it completely. There is only so much advice that can be given on the same topic.

In my life, I tend to have a lot of pow wow sessions with my friends. We gather, we talk about life, we give advice, we get motivated. I feel like putting a time limit on how long one wishes to ‘vent’ or ‘bitch’ about a topic is rather valuable. The more you think of something, the more it will happen. It is a rather simple concept and it is so true. The law of attraction can be a crazy but amazing thing. Stop thinking about the life that you want and have it.

What exactly do you do to get out of a slump or negative thought? Do you gather with friends to brainstorm on ideas that will help you gain things in life to make your life? Definitely give it a try! You will be surprised at how therapeutic and helpful this can really be.

xo, a go go bye!

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